Most Homeowners Are Trying To Conserve Water



Re: Water usage, as defined on the front page of the Roundup (Aug. 15).

I thought this was a good article, as I have always wondered who was using the most water in a community where most residents are very water conscious. According to this article, the top 11 were for business use.

Also, according to this article, an automatic-type car wash would use about 40 gallons per car. Several months back, we were led to think that it was more economical to have our cars washed at a car wash business, because their water use was from recycled, or filtered and re-used, water. Now we are told that is not the case, I am sure that I can wash my car, using a bucket and a cut-off nozzle with no more than about 12 gallons of water. I guess truth is hard to find.

The next issue of the Roundup Aug. 19, and on the opinion pages, and we find letters from two different people who say that the answer to the over-use problem of water is simple -- you just raise the cost and the over use will slow down.

I believe that the average homeowner is already doing all they can to conserve water. Personally, I have two apple trees, a plum and a pear tree, and a Colorado spruce. This being one of the reasons we bought this home 17 years ago, when all of the Realtors I was able to talk to were saying that, even with anticipated growth, there was still a 100-year supply of water. I am not willing to let my trees die just so a developer can build another house.

As far as business use of water is concerned, I do not think raising his rates will matter much because his water usage is an expense of doing business to produce income and as such is a tax deduction at the end of his fiscal year.

Art C. Buckner, Payson

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