One Bad Apple Can Spoil The Fun



This past Saturday, my friends and I took our kids to the Rye Bar and Grill. It says right out front that it's a "family" place.

The food was great, but when we were dancing with our kids, an older man tried to bully us off the dance floor. Spouting off about he's there every Saturday, and we're just jumping around, and "California people."

Now, just because you frequent a place every week doesn't entitle you ownership of the dance floor. Second, we were all raised in Payson, and choose to raise our kids here. The owner said we were welcome, and she was happy to have us.

I should have asked the man if he had children, and remembered how fast they grew up? And, did he ever wish he had more special memories with them? Then, I could have thanked him for spoiling one of ours.

From disappointed families.

Raylene Phillips, Payson

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