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Q: What is happening with the rubble from that old house that was torn down on Main Street?

A: Bryan Siverson, real estate agent for the owner of the property, said they had made at least two attempts to have the materials salvaged, but the people they hired just took what they wanted and left. Now the owner is trying to make arrangements for another salvage operation where everything will be hauled away. Originally the owner was going to restore the old home, but when the work was started it was discovered the termite damage was so severe nothing could be saved.

Q: As you enter Alpine Village subdivision in the first planter that you pass there is a memorial that looks like a cemetery plot, with an American Flag above it. This is town easement. Can the town of Payson require the homeowner to move this memorial to their own property? It would be nice to not feel like you were passing a cemetery every time you enter the subdivision.

A: Response from LaRon Garrett, Town of Payson Engineer:

"I went and looked at it. It's nicely landscaped and looks like a little bit of a memorial to somebody who died. I don't know that it's hurting anybody. It's definitely not an obstruction of traffic or anything like that. There are flags around it and so forth so it looks nice. If the question is whether it's allowed there or not, or if we were going to make them remove it - if that's the question -- unless somebody can tell me why it's causing a problem there, I don't see why we would make them remove it. All that landscaping out there is on town property but it's all maintained by the private homeowners there."

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