Officers Assaulted Responding To Domestic Disturbance


A Payson man faces multiple charges, including two counts of assaulting a police officer.

Payson police responded to a home on North Easy Street the night of Nov. 17, where a woman had been assaulted by her son, William Howard, 21.

According to the police report, Howard's mother was at her son's house, across the street from hers, when the two had a verbal argument. Howard threw a nearly full 20-ounce can of beer at her, striking her in the head and wounding her.

She returned home and another one of her sons called police.

Officers Les Barr and Henry Thomason responded.

According to the report, Barr and Thomason went to Howard's home. As they were handcuffing him, they asked Howard to drop his cigarette. Howard put the cigarette in his mouth and spit it at Thomason's face.

"I began to tell (Howard) that he needed to put the cigarette down, at which point he got a very aggressive look on his face and just stared at me," Thomason said in the report.

Thomason told Howard again to put his cigarette down.

"I saw his cheeks puff up and he spit the cigarette toward my face area. I was able to duck to avoid sustaining any injury," Thomason continued in the report.

Moments later, Howard lunged at Thomason again, attempting to head-butt him.

As officers were bringing the handcuffed Howard to a police vehicle, he began resisting arrest.

The officers put Howard up against the patrol car and he began "to fight again, kicking his legs backward and throwing his elbows and head toward (the officers)," according to the report.

Barr grabbed the subject and got him on the ground where he turned on his back and, again, began to kick his legs. He kicked Barr in the knee, injuring him.

Barr called for a Taser in case Howard continued to resist.

When two more officers arrived, Howard stated he was done fighting. He was then transported to the jail.

Howard's mother refused to fill out a witness statement or press charges.

Howard was charged with aggravated domestic violence, aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer.

Howard was released on his own recognizance three days later, because a complaint hadn't been filed by the county attorney, according to the court clerk.

Court records show Howard has a history of violent offenses, including an aggravated domestic violence charge currently pending in Yavapai County Superior Court.

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