Sexton Was Right



Re: John Wilson's letter setting Diana Sexton straight about Community Center (Payson Roundup, Nov. 25)

When Mr. Wilson set about correcting Diana Sexton about the community center he should have gotten his information straight.

I was at the bonding committee meeting (CIP) the first part of April 2003 and the community recreation center was presented, although Mr. Schwind said the feasibility study was not complete. This is interesting because at the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting held Feb. 12, 2003, he stated that the completed feasibility study was available on disk or hard copy for the members of that board.

This should have made it available to the CIP Committee. It should have also given the Parks and Recreation board plenty of time to review the information even though according to Mr. Wilson that wasn't possible.

At that meeting the chairman, Bruce Whiting, was very angry and vocal about the poor presentation and lack of information provided concerning the recreation center. Other members also expressed their dissatisfaction with the information given by Mr. Schwind.

As for the library and whether it was the tax increase that was voted down, one thing is very clear, we have a beautiful new library that is not open enough hours for the kids in town to use for after school research and reading. This I am sure is because of budget restraints. It seems as though everybody is in a rush to build things like this and the recreation center without thinking ahead to figure out how the continuing operating costs will be met.

To me, it looks like Mrs. Sexton's description of what is going on with the community recreation center was right on. It also wouldn't surprise me if it ended up being another "emergency" put through by a vote of the town council.

Vernon Randall, Payson

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