Visitors Welcomed By New Banners


A new town banner will soon hang from every light pole along the Beeline Highway.

The purple and gold banner with an elk silhouette will replace the tattered banners that marked Payson's 25th anniversary.


Town staff has been up in the air lately. Not only have they been hanging the new town banners, they've been putting up Christmas decorations.

"The banners that we originally had were the red ones that were the 25th anniversary of the incorporation of Payson," Parks and Recreation Director Bill Schwind said. "We noticed that they've been tearing and we needed new ones."

Parks and Recreation staff designed the new banner.

"We specifically chose the purple and gold because they are the high school's colors," Schwind said.

The banners were paid for by bed tax dollars, Schwind said.

"We tried to have them done locally, but they were too big," Schwind said. "These have are all kinds of safety improvements so they don't flap around or fall apart."

Schwind said that former Mayor Ray Schum tried to save money by making brackets for the previous banners.

"They did homemade brackets to save money," Schwind said, "and things were flying around, pipes were coming out and falling on people's cars. We had to fix those."

Once the holidays are over, all of the new banners will eventually be put up.

"Before we can install all the purple banners, we need to find more money to buy more brackets," Schwind said. "Eventually, we will have 80 banners all up and down the Beeline Highway."

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