Teens Weren't Fighting Just To Fight



In response to your article concerning the fight club, I have a few comments to add. My husband and I attended a few of these ‘fights'. Actually, my husband acted as a ref during a few of the matches.

I am disappointed in the local law enforcement for busting up the fights. These kids could have been somewhere drinking, doing drugs, or many other activities that are far worse.

Yes, we all know that the fights were not sanctioned but this isn't pro boxing either. These kids were using mouth guards, gloves, and in some instances, head gear. They tried to follow the 2003 boxing rules that are published as much as possible.

They weren't fighting just to fight. There are many kids who love the sport of boxing who wanted to learn. Many considered it no worse than a few people meeting at the tennis courts for a match of tennis. It drew a rather large crowd but they never got out of hand. On many occasions, a person acting as the ref would call the match if they felt that it was getting out of hand or if someone wasn't going by the rules.

These kids actually found something that interested them and the local law enforcement found it necessary to break it up. No one was getting hurt, they were playing by the rules, and they were staying out of trouble.

The law enforcement says that it is a misdemeanor, but they're not charging for the fights and the only thing that they are gaining is self respect and confidence. I am positive that there are many other people committing far worse offenses than the ones written about in your article.

Tanya Morgan, Payson

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