Town Needs To Work On Better Street Maintenance



Jack Jasper's recent guest comment in your paper about the street bond failure was very well written and I agree wholeheartedly with all that he said in his commentary.

The poor condition of the streets leading up to my home in Payson is of major concern to me, but I did not vote for the street bond initiative.

Had the town shown its willingness over the years to find the means to properly repair many of its streets in the existing neighborhoods, and had the bond initiative included repair of the residential neighborhood streets in the most need of repair, then I may have voted for the bond.

But when the town only budgets $160,000 for street maintenance in a $30 million total budget, and when none of those funds have ever been used to rebuild or at least adequately repair the street leading up to my home since it was built 20 years ago, then I have to believe the town has no intention of ever using bond money to properly repair our residential streets. And that, the condition of the streets leading to our homes, concerns us most.

Gerald Reynolds, Payson

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