We Are Not Called To Judge Another Man's Walk



No matter who we are, or what we have been called to do, i.e., housewife, teacher, waitress, or congressman. As simple as others may think you are, you are called for a purpose and to such a time as this. Life cannot be walked without making mistakes and these mistakes are a part of growing. Not learning from our mistakes is failure.

I have my own walk to walk, and I have made some painful mistakes in my past and had to repent of them. I choose to change and go on.

I cannot judge other men for the way they walk, but I am required to examine the fruit of their walk. We all have a different calling and purpose, but there is one that we all must do --hat is to get involved with our world/town and do all we can to make them a better place.

Sometimes we may say we do not want to get involved because it does not affect me. Everything around us affects us sooner or later.

Putting our head in the sand does not change the fact that things will only change as we choose to get involved and vote. Your opinion is important even if it is different that someone else's.

Things cannot, and will not, change until we, as everyday people, make a stand and say, "I want change." Things did not get the way they are today overnight. It took time, and it will take time, to correct them. I believe the process has started, but we must continue to insist on our voice being heard and carried out. Leave the message that we no longer will accept anything less than majority rules.

Potential means existing in possibility but not in actuality, powerful but not in use, possible but not positively. We all have the potential to make a difference, but until we act on it, it is not positively. Silence is consent. When we do not make a stand or give our vote, we are giving our consent. You do make a difference.

When government rules, we have tyranny. When the people rule, we have democracy.

We know we are going somewhere, but in what direction are we going? There are no short cuts to where we need to go. It will take hard work and making a change. Government is for the people. The people are not for the government.

Diana Sexton, Payson

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