Police Seize Marijuana, Meth At Local Motel


A late-afternoon drug sweep netted more than a pound of marijuana, 17 grams of meth, and resulted in the arrest of five people Friday.

"We started receiving information a little before noon that drugs were being sold out of a room at (a local motel)," Payson Police Lt. Don Engler said. "Our narcotics officers started conducting surveillance."

Officers were watching the activities at the motel room and conducting surveillance on a white Toyota passenger car and a maroon Buick.

"We were able to determine that drug activity was occurring and got a search warrant," Engler said. "We tried to coordinate all these things because we had people in the motel room and in two other vehicles out in the community -- we wanted to make simultaneous entry into the motel room and stop and contact the parties in both vehicles as well. They were all working together."

Adam Hamlett, 20, of Tempe, was arrested in the motel room, where officers recovered the marijuana, some meth, drug paraphernalia and a gun. Hamlett was charged with use of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and misconduct involving a weapon. Hamlett also had an outstanding warrant.

Right outside the motel room, officers stopped the maroon Buick and arrested James Bombinski, 19, and Daniel Allen Glock, 30, both of Tempe.

"Bombinski had a gun on him and there was also a gun in plain view in the car -- accessible to both the driver and the passenger," Engler said.

Bombinski was charged with possession of marijuana for sale, possession and use of dangerous drugs, possession of paraphernalia and misconduct involving a weapon.

Glock was charged with transportation of dangerous drugs for sale, use of dangerous drugs and misconduct with a weapon, Engler said.

On the north side of town, police closed in on the white Toyota where they arrested Hamlett's cousin, Jannie Hamlett, 20, of Pine, and Gregory Weiring, 44, of Payson.

"Most of the methamphetamine was in the car we stopped in the Wal-Mart parking lot," Engler said.

Officers recovered individual baggies of meth and charged Jannie Hamlett with possession of dangerous drugs for sale, possession of drug paraphernalia and use of marijuana.

Weiring was charged with DUI drugs, use of marijuana and dangerous drugs.

"We've gotten a lot of meth over the last month or two," Engler said. "Life's been pretty good to us lately."

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