Town's Donation Drive Appalling



I work in a very nice retail store, and an employee from "The Town of Payson" came in and asked for a donation, or a door prize, for their employee Christmas party. (They, of course, told me that we didn't have to.)

I still just couldn't believe it.

I know that our tax money pays the town employees more than most of the other employees can get in this town. I think that it is a little tacky that they are going around asking for handouts! Do we not pay them enough? Should we be looking for another raise in our taxes -- to help them buy a "white elephant" gift for their annual Christmas party?

Maybe we should all line up and ask the town for a "door prize" for our employee Christmas party. What kind of response do you think we would get?

I know that Christmas is a time for giving, but shouldn't we all be donating to a local charity to help the needy families in our community rather than the town of Payson's employee Christmas party?

Stacy Lopatesky, Payson

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