Adults Should Help Keep Youth Program Going



I have been working with the youth for many years, and I was excited when my son came home and told me about the new sport he was enjoying. So, I went and watched two of the events. The youth did a great job running the program. They were always thinking of safety first, plus there was no smoking or drinking anywhere near the events.

The youth really enjoyed themselves, and if one was getting hurt, they would stop the (match) right away. These kids had headgear, mouthpieces and 16 ounce gloves.

I don't think it is right, once the youth find something they enjoy, for us adults to find a way to stop it. But I feel this time we need to step up to the plate for these youth and help them keep their program going. I agree with Tanya Morgan -- the kids are not out drinking or getting into trouble. A lot of people here in Payson say that our youth have a lot to do here in Payson. No, they are wrong. There is nothing here for the youth to do, but now they have found a sport they enjoy, and we, the adults, need to support and help the youth keep their program going.

If you are interested in helping these youth with their program, let's get together and help them.

Billy Joe Winchester, Payson

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