Grungy, Groping Grinches Spoil Holidays



I am one of the seasonal elves who lives on Sherwood Drive in Alpine Village. Many of my fellow elves and I get together each holiday to decorate our neighborhood to reflect the current season. We buy most of our decorations here in Payson, and we spend multiple hours making others.

We believe in sharing our joy and provide seasonal cheer and décor for some of our neighbors who are on limited incomes or physically unable to participate. We love our town, homes and area, and constantly try to beautify our surroundings.

But at Halloween and now at the Christmas season, some sleazy, slinky, slimy person, in the dark of night, is slithering about our neighborhood doing sneaky things like stealing decorations, spraying paint and splattering eggs, and overall pillaging and spoiling our holidays.

Would these grungy, groping grinches please stop vandalizing our area and let the joy and peace of Christmas and the spirit of other seasons fill their hearts with good will, and may their hands be occupied with good deeds.

Su Connell, Payson

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