Thieves Should Learn True Meaning Of Christmas



I would like to send a message to the person, or persons, who took our Christmas decorations from our lawn. I said a prayer for you tonight, whoever you are, praying that as you use the decorations you will be touched by the "true" meaning of Christmas. I pray you will feel our love for the Lord as we celebrate the birth of Christ with lights, music and praise.

I feel sad that you needed them so much you had to steal the decorations, extension cords and all. If you had knocked on the door in your time of need, we would have gladly helped you in any way we could.

If it was just a mean prank, I pray that somehow, some way you are touched by the true meaning of Christmas throughout the holiday season.

People like to spread joy and love to others as we decorate for Christmas. Many people like to see all the beautiful decorated homes. Some people are hurting or sad at this time of year, too.

We care, and we forgive, as we praise the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Peace be with you, whoever you are, and if you have a need for something, don't steal to get it. That will only bring you heartache. There really are people who care.

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