Wouldn't It Be Nice If Americans Had The Same Benefits?



In response to Don Castleman's letter (Dec. 9 Roundup), I would like to comment on just three of his paragraphs: jobs, education and health care.

But first, I would like to say that I do not appreciate name calling (the American Socialist Party members in reference to Democrats). In this day and age, I would hope that we are better informed about our own political parties and refrain from slander.

Mr. Castleman's letter informed us of how well things are going in Iraq.

1) Jobs: All Iraqis have jobs if they want to work. Wouldn't it be nice if all the people who have been laid off in our country could get a job if they want to work?

2) Education: Teachers are earning 12 to 25 percent more than when Saddam ruled their country. He forgot to mention that the ratio of students per class is about eight students per teacher. Wouldn't it be nice for our school system in Payson? Our teachers would get a decent salary and less students per classroom.

3) Health care: All Iraqis receive free medical care. Wouldn't it be nice for our seniors and children? The thing that strikes me most is that he did not indicate who is paying for all of those nice services the Iraqis get. I wonder who?

Mr. Castleman has some great information about life in Iraq. I wonder if he has visited the country himself, or is he getting his information from the same source that told us about the rescue of Jessica Lynch. I also noticed that he didn't mention the recession that we have here, oil, (weapons of mass destruction), and the number of brave servicemen who have been killed, the thousands who have been wounded and all the broken homes left behind.

Mr. Castleman, I am a military retiree with 27 hard years of military service. I love my country very much. I'm also not a Socialist Party Member (your words), but a very proud Democrat.

Roberto Sanchez, Payson

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