Local Soldier's Division Part Of Saddam Capture


Sending her 19-year-old son off to war was frightening, but learning that his division helped capture the most sought-after fugitive in recent history was amazing for Brenda Williams.

Williams' son, Private First Class Evan Martin, Star Valley, is serving with the Army's 4th Infantry Division in Adwar, Iraq -- the same town where his division captured fugitive Iraqi President Saddam Hussein Saturday.

Through occasional e-mails, Williams stays in touch with her soldier son. "Evan said they have been raiding an awful lot of houses lately and doing a lot of guard duty," Williams said. "When I heard Saddam was captured in Adwar I was glued to the television all day, watching every channel and hoping I'd see Evan on the news."

The former Iraqi dictator was captured by U.S. troops from Martin's division who found him hiding in a one-man hole in the ground beneath a ramshackle compound. Adwar is about 15 kilometers (nine miles) from Tikrit, Saddam's ancestral home.

As excited as she is about the capture of Saddam, Williams knows the victory doesn't take away the hardships her son and his fellow soldiers face every day in wartime.

"The last time I heard from him was the Friday after Thanksgiving. He was allowed to call me and he said, ‘Mom, I had to shoot somebody today.' That would be terrible for anybody to handle, but especially for a 19-year-old boy." Williams said.

Williams hopes the capture of Saddam Hussein will help bring peace to the people of Iraq. "And maybe our troops will get to come home a little sooner," Williams said. "I want my son home."

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