More Information Please



This is in response to the letter submitted by Don Castleman -- I have some relevant questions:

Since we were led to believe that we must preempt a war in Iraq without the assistance of the U.N. because of the wickedness of Saddam Hussein and the imminent threat of weapons of mass destruction, can you tell me now, after two years, where those weapons are to be found?

Why is the new Iraqi army made up of a lot of Saddam's loyal soldiers?

Why are we supporting schools and universities in Iraq when we can't support our own?

Why are our tax dollars providing great salary increases to Iraqi teachers while our own teachers fall behind economically?

Why are (prescription) drugs available to Iraqis, but here many cannot afford them?

If Iraqi banks can afford to make loans for businesses, why are we paying Halliburton to rebuild Iraq?

Why are we providing jobs for Iraqis but experiencing large layoffs here in the U.S.?

Since none of your statements are documented, tell us the sources of your information.

Carol J. Scholz

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