Show How Much Of Own Money Council Spends



It was interesting to see the expenses incurred by Payson's town council members in the Dec. 5 issue of the Payson Roundup. While the article didn't make any effort to quantify the amount of time our councilors spend on our behalf, it was apparent that it must be quite substantial. I wish that had been mentioned, then we could see what a bargain we have in being served by these good people.

I think the graphic on the front page was in poor taste. Upon viewing the graphic I, like many other people, thought that there must be some self-serving or inappropriate spending occurring with town tax dollars. A lot of people don't read beyond the headlines. Upon reading the entire article, I saw there wasn't any apparent wrong doing by our council members. What was left unsaid was that the total spending for our town council is minimal in light of the jobs they perform. They make policy for a multi-million dollar budget, represent us wherever they go, are community supporters and activists and invest their time in learning to do a better job for us.

It is a fact that it costs each of our council members from their own pocket to serve us. The time that they take from their jobs, businesses and personal lives has direct cost to them and their families. Most of them represent the town council in most of the fund-raisers in this area at their own expense. They are paid a small stipend each month, but that stipend does not cover the expenses they incur in the process of participation in our community.

In a letter published Dec. 12, Al Campeas suggested that there be some specific individual council member budget policies. That's fine; it's up to the Council to make policy. I hope that if they do, we are reminded what a bargain we have in these spirited volunteers. I hope we support them in making sure they don't shortchange themselves.

I say thanks to our town council, as well as the other volunteers in our community that make Payson such a wonderful place to live. Let's support those who try to make it better.

Cliff Potts, Payson

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