We Must Get Out Of Iraq



This is in response to Don Castleman's letter on Dec. 9, 2003.

President Bush told the world the U.S. will strike Iraq because Saddam Hussein had WMD's, chemical/biological weapons, and was working with Al Qaeda and reconstituting his nuclear weapons program.

Sen. Jon Kyl stated on the subject of WMD's, "It is important to find them. It is a factor in the legitimacy of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Accounting for a fair amount of it will be important to establish the historic justification for what we (Bush) did." Nine months after, "Mission Accomplished," no weapons have been found and Bush has admitted Saddam had nothing to do with Al Qaeda. Following Sen. Kyl's dots, have our citizens been betrayed by Bush?

Don Castleman's letter stated, "the first battalion of new Iraqi army has graduated and are now on active duty."

No more, CNN reports nearly half the new Iraqi army has quit. Castleman's statement, "all 240 hospitals and more than 1200 clinics are open. Pharmaceutical distributions is at a current total of 12,000 tons."

Chandler resident Mike Loperccio, on a recent visit to Iraq visit, stated the hospitals he visited didn't have any drugs and is stunned about the lack of progress with reconstruction. "What you see on TV doesn't brace you for what's here," he said. Castleman indicates the U.S. paid over 100,000 Iraqi men and women to clear weed-choked canals. The Wall Street Journal studies show over 3 million Americans have lost their job since Bush became president. The Republican Congress, this week, refused -- over the Democrats objections -- to extend unemployment to them over this holiday season.

Sen. John McCain stated after his visit, "Iraq is not Vietnam. But where I do make a comparison was Bush telling the American people that things were going very well, and then finding out they're not."

Arizona Senators and an eyewitness from the Valley do not agree with the Bush administration sanitized reports that are passed on to others as factual.

Spec. Jesse MacBeth, of Pima, recently returned from the war in Iraq. He told the press, "Most of the Iraqis hate Americans and want them gone. Only a few are glad we're there. The Iraqis would stand in a crowd and shoot at us. We had to kill many civilians to get to them because we were ordered to shoot anything that came at us."

The U.S. must get out and save our young soldiers' lives and those of Iraqi civilians. Let us spend our financial resources to improve schools, roads and our aging electrical power systems. Beg our Senators and Congressmen to turn Iraqi political control over to the United Nations.

Gene Hinds, treasurer, Democrats of Northern Gila County

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