Your Town Council At A Glance


Dec. 11 Payson Town Council Meeting

The issue: The town council unanimously approved a resolution to execute an agreement for construction of subdivision utility improvements for Timber Ridge Estates.

What it means: The developers of the Timber Ridge Estates have agreed to pay for the construction of Rumsey Drive that goes from McLane Road to Wal-Mart. Rumsey Drive will serve as an alternative route to Longhorn and Forest Drive.

What's next: Construction of the road and the 20-lot subdivision.

The issue: A first reading of an ordinance that would restrict the use of motorized play vehicles.

An increase in motorized vehicles such as motorized scooters and skateboards prompted Town Attorney Sam Streichman to draft an ordinance with some guidelines about when, where and how the vehicles can be operated.

What it means: The council decided that a work-study session was warranted to refine the ordinance which some members felt was too ambiguous and general.

Some form of the ordinance would dictate formal rules on where, when and how the vehicles can be operated within town limits. The police department would warn or cite those not in compliance with the established regulations.

What's next: After the work study session, scheduled for Jan. 8, the council may consider a revised draft of the ordinance on motorized play vehicles.

The issue: The council unanimously approved a request filed by Town Manager Fred Carpenter to direct him and his staff to prepare an ordinance that would create a Transportation Advisory Committee/ Commission/Board.

What it means: The town would have an advisory committee to examine issues pertaining to surface transportation including town streets and roads, bonds and a potential bypass.

What's next: Carpenter and town staff will draft the ordinance for the council's approval. The council will then consider applications and appoint people to the committee.

The issue: Forty residents asked Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett to consider installing a four-way stop on North Easy Street at North William Tell Circle.

After conducting a study of the intersection, Garrett and his staff concluded that a four-way stop was not warranted, but that a precautionary "intersection ahead" sign was.

Garrett asked the council to direct him and his staff to put in the sign.

The council unanimously approved his request.

What it means: Those traveling on North Easy Street will see a new sign warning them of the intersection ahead.

What's next: Street department staff will install the sign.

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