Democrats Need To Get Involved



Wake up Democrats of Northern Gila County and come to the meetings of the Democratic Party held in the Payson Public Library.

Governor Napolitano's election was a great victory, and she needs us.

Money and power can corrupt. We have seen so much of it lately.

Ronald Reagan was seduced by the Republican Party to become one of them after a lifetime as a Democrat, and a union leader in the movie industry. Doing their bidding gave him the governorship of California, and the presidency of the U.S. Then, he was rewarded by the Republican Party with a huge house in Los Angeles. Although he deserves our sympathy now, Ron hurt a lot of vulnerable people in California as governor, hurt our image overseas as president and left a huge deficit. Why is he almost given sainthood these days?

The Bushes began their personal dream of historical greatness with Reagan's election, which opened the door for them.

They were already making vast sums of money from the oil industry after becoming down home Texans with their move from the Northeast. Now that place is just a vacation spot from hot Texas summers.

We have never been forgiven for defeating George, Sr. for a second term. George W. has made that clear. He was easily elected governor of Texas with his wealth, his right-wing friends' wealth, and his sudden conversion to born-again Christianity.

His accomplishments as governor of Texas were very marginal -- it was just a stepping stone.

Read all about it.

Now he is president and was elected under a huge cloud of suspicion.

Brother Jeb, with his huge influence from the Cuban Hispanic community and conversion to Catholic Christianity was in the right spot at the right time. Just a coincidence?

Now that Saddam has been captured does not mean the Iraqi War was right.

Read the book "War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning," by Chris Hedges. It will turn you off of war forever.

Read up on Mideast history. Israel's presence there and our policies of peace and how Bush has messed that up.

What a bloodbath we have witnessed and even helped create.

Wanda Walker

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