Elect Heroes Instead Of Politicians



The Democratic Party's current front-running candidate for president, Howard Dean, opposes the war in Iraq, as he opposed the war in Vietnam when he was a draft-age young man.

Like Bill Clinton, rich kid Dean avoided the draft and potential service in Vietnam by using a "bad back" medical deferment in 1970 at the height of the war. Interestingly enough, after his deferment, he headed to Colorado where he skied and poured concrete. Four years earlier when the "bad back" was diagnosed, he was cleared to play all sports at Yale, except long distance running. At Yale he played intramural football, completed a 130-mile hike, and canoed the entire Connecticut River.

One can conclude the only "back problem" Howard Dean had, and still has, is a "lack of spine."

My point? Where are the candidates that have a sense of honor and are patriotic with the proven courage to serve our nation in time of war?

Isn't it time that the American people elect heroes instead of politicians?

Jim Spencer

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