Two Jailed For Pine Burglaries


Sheriff's deputies have found a couple they say is responsible for at least five burglaries in the Pine/Strawberry area.

According to Gila County Sheriff's Detective George Ratliff, Scott Boe, 19 and Chandra Cushman, 20, admitted their involvement in two burglaries and have been linked to three more. The two were arrested Thursday on grand jury warrants for criminal trespass, Ratliff said.



"The suspects would break into a home that was not occupied and live there for while, take items from the home to sell for cash or drugs, and then move on to another home," Ratliff said. "They also had several campsites around the forest where we found some stolen items."

The two were identified by photographs of themselves they left in one of the homes.

"They left their pictures in the home and they were claiming at that time that the owner had given their permission -- they had not," Ratliff said. "We found them, we arrested them on a grand jury warrant. We now have them linked to at least five burglaries including one that took place last Monday.

The detective said his department served a search warrant and got some drugs and paraphernalia.



"We gained some additional information and found a campsite up there where we found about 30 rings and diamond tennis bracelets," Ratliff said.

He said some of the stolen property has been identified by victims, but some has not.

"There's also been some extensive criminal damage done to the houses," Ratliff said. "They had cats and we found feces all over the place in several of the homes."

Ratliff said the two have been charged with criminal trespass, but more charges are on the way.

"They are being held in Globe on $5,000 bond," he said. "I am in the process of getting all the stuff together and we will probably submit them to the county attorney one at a time. We are probably going to end up with about 20 counts altogether."

The sheriff's office suspects there may be more homes that were broken into.

"We are still looking for other potential victims," Ratliff said. "We're going to find more of them when people come up to their cabins for the holidays or next spring when they come up. People need to report all this."

Anyone with information should contact Ratliff or Det. Brian Havey at (928) 474-2208.

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