Bush Is No Hero



Jim Spencer writes, "Isn't it time that the American people elect heroes instead of politicians?"

Could Mr. Spencer be suggesting that President Bush qualifies as a bona fide American hero? No way. Impossible. Get real. Perish the thought. Surely not even the most rabid foaming-at-the-mouth Republican would have the gall to refer to George W. Bush as a hero.

Not to worry. Two of the other contenders for the presidency qualify to be numbered among the pantheon of America's bravest, having won decorations for valor and having shed their blood for our country.

Accordingly, I assume that Mr. Spencer is eagerly waiting for either John Kerry or Wesley Clark to move into the White House in early 2005.

Right on, and way to go, Jim.

If one is to be fair, however, one must admit that not a single Mexican heavy bomber was able to break through and bomb Texas cities while George W. Bush was serving in the Texas Air National Guard.

Otis M. Trimble, Payson

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