Drunken Driver Nearly Killed Mother



My Payson roots are five generations deep. I was born there in 1967, but moved away a few years ago to pursue a legal education.

I visit paysonroundup.com to catch up on local news and I am repeatedly paralyzed by the scandalous frolics, asinine comments and frathouse judgment of Payson's Mayor Ken Murphy.

Why is this man still in office?

He stated that the DUI patrols are a "damper on nightlife." No, DUI patrols are a damper on Payson's thirsty mayor and his nightlife. Any reasonable, moral person would welcome DUI patrols rather than follow a loved one's funeral procession.

My mother was hit by a drunken driver three years ago, rendering her bedridden for six months, and unable to ever return to her teaching profession. Had there been a DUI patrol on the Gisela road, that degenerate may have been removed before nearly killing my mother. Murphy's argument that those who go out for a "glass of wine" will be burdened by the DUI patrols is preposterous.

It's those who drink a bottle of wine that the officers are trying to remove before they kill innocent people. Payson law enforcement officers, thank you for your laudable efforts to keep the streets safe for my family, friends, and the wonderful people of Payson. I am truly sorry that your mayor considers your safety patrols a hindrance.

I read that Mr. Murphy plans to run for re-election. Payson voters, if this is the case, you have a moral duty to oust this man. Why was he not recalled? What other sign do you need to be convinced that Ken Murphy is unfit for the mayor's office?

Shawn K. Haught, Former Paysonite

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