How About A Reward For Complying With The Law?



I read the column about the police "wolf packs" getting ready to pounce on the drivers that may have had only one glass of wine, for if they are unlucky enough to get pulled over for no matter the reason (they will make one up ... I happen to be one of those individuals), they are still subjected to the normal tests.

My wife and I pulled off the highway just past the rest stop on 188. I was in the process of removing my jacket to place in the camper shell when this DPS officer, who had stopped immediately behind my vehicle, asked what I was doing. I told him that I had stopped to remove my jacket.

He then asked me why I had pulled off the highway at this place, and not the rest stop. I told him that I had used my own facility before leaving home, and did not need to stop at the rest stop.

All this time, he was checking my plates on his computer. He had no reason whatsoever to have harassed me. I told him that if he was finished with me, to go and catch the people that really break the law.

The police are always ready to cite you for a simple wrongdoing, but will never give you a reward for having everything in order when you have been pulled over, even at check points. Could they not issue a gift certificate for $5 worth of gas and a sticker that says "in compliance with the law"?

Howard Carlson, Payson

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