Police Shouldn't Be Micromanaged



I have been a member of this community since 1987. Since that time I do not believe I have written a letter to the editor. But, some things need to be addressed and, at this point, my blood boils at the remarks made by Mayor Murphy regarding this "concern" of the DUI patrols in our community.

Murphy seems to believe that targeting the holiday weekends with Christmas parties, etc. is a bad idea. Instead, he feels that the police department should be micromanaged by the council and that other "ideas" should have been considered.

He also feels that the "Wolf Pack" idea is using a stick first and we should use "education" along with volunteers running around picking up incapacitated drivers during the holiday season.

The fact is alcohol and drugs account for a large number of accidents each year in which people are affected for life. Fathers, mothers, families are killed each and every year by people that get behind the wheel after drinking.

This mayor should think twice about trying to place restraint upon our department in this matter. If that is the price of not having people come to Payson and spending their money, then so be it.

The mayor would have us promote education as a means of decreasing the amount of impaired drivers. In this matter, I agree that we should do all we can with education beginning with our young people in the school system. The D.A.R.E. program is a prime example of this.

Murphy infers that the police department is pulling over the citizens more than they should. Could it be that there are more citizens driving under the influence at this time of the year? I was pulled over on my way home last year by DPS because they said I had crossed a white line and asked if I was driving after drinking. In that case, I was dealing with some children. They were not discourteous, and were only interested in the possibility of a driver who could have been impaired. I received a well-deserved lecture about dealing with my children in a vehicle that was moving and was allowed to go on my way.

I'm grateful knowing that when my daughter comes home at night, perhaps they may have stopped the person from driving that might otherwise have taken her life and forever affected ours.

Ivan D. McLaws, D.P.M., Payson

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