Proud Of The Job Police Are Doing



Now I've seen it all. I am no longer living in Payson, but I read the paper online. I have known Ken Murphy for a good many years, and yes, a lot of what he stands for has not been what I agree with, but I thought deep down he was a good person, and at one time I respected him.

But I can't believe what I just read about the "Wolf Pack" patrol. His comments are so out of line with the dangers of drinking and driving, that I'm ashamed to say I know him.

When I first moved to Payson in the early '80s, it was known for the parties and the bars, that was different back then, because there were less people in town, and more people had sense enough to stay put when they were drinking. Now that is not possible because the town has grown and times are different.

I'm proud to know that the police are trying to do something during this holiday season.

Kenny, I can't believe what you are saying. What happened to your character and judgment?

Norma Rushing, Glendale

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