Town Should Be Behind Dui Enforcement



Regarding the article: "Mayor calls DUI patrols a ‘damper' on nightlife", Mayor Murphy you have got to be kidding us here. As a past resident of Payson, I am totally appalled at your apparent lack of common sense and blatant disregard for public safety.

Both my husband and I work in the public safety arena. I have seen the effects of a drunken driving accident --hey are horrible.

Usually the persons seriously injured or killed are the innocent ones. The small children crushed in the minivan that their mother was driving; the elderly couple on their way to a church service; the new high school grad looking forward to college.

Could you look any of these people in the eyes and tell them, "I'm sorry but we just can't be so heavy handed about DUI enforcement, it might hurt tourism!"

The town of Payson should be fully behind the DUI enforcement that DPS is providing and I applaud Chief Gartner for his participation in this extremely effective program.

In addition, you have a weak example of the negative effects on tourism: "It puts a damper on anyone going out and having a glass of wine," he (Murphy) said. "If everyone is pulled over and everybody is at risk for whatever, people just aren't going to bother to go out and do anything."

If you are negatively affected by one glass of wine, then the program is doing its job. You should not be driving. However, most people are not.

The blood alcohol content must be .08 to be cited for DUI and you must be negatively affected by alcohol while driving to be cited for "impaired to the slightest degree."

The bottom line is that if the amount of alcohol is going to affect your ability to drive, don't do it. I never have a problem with someone risking their own lives, but you do not have the right to risk mine.

I applaud the efforts of the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the Payson Police Department to keep the public safe, especially during this holiday season.

Mayor Murphy, you need to get on board and keep your citizens safe.

Melissa Boeck, Flagstaff

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