Village General Store Opens For Business



I can't believe this is the last column for 2003. It doesn't seem possible that the year has passed by so quickly.

This past year has been a good one for my family; there have been no catastrophic events, all of my children and grandchildren are healthy and have jobs, and can pay their bills. My grandchildren are doing well in school.

Bill and I are very thankful for having a very fortunate year. We even managed to buy a larger house just up the street from our other house. We have indeed been blessed this year.

‘Last Chance' General Store

Yep, our little general store has opened as of Tuesday, Dec. 23.

"All the stock is not yet in place," Ethel Cain said. "We will have a grand opening sometime after the first of the year."

I am sure that this is really good news for all the local villagers. They will be able to get the items that they forgot when they start to make dinner and they won't have to go to Christopher Creek or into town. We sure are happy to have a general store again.

Birthdays, etc.

Once again I missed a few birthdays. Kathy Browning who lives in Tonto Village III, celebrated her birthday Dec. 18. Sorry I missed reporting it earlier, Kathy. I hope you had a great day.

Rita Spalink, who is one of the coordinators of our monthly movies at Tonto Village Chapel, and of the yearly Vacation Bible School each July had her big day Dec. 19. Happy belated birthday, Rita.

Pool shots

The weekly pool games for both the ladies and the open tournaments held on Sundays have been suspended until after the holidays. The ladies will resume their play Jan. 6.

Tonto Village Fire District

Everyone who wasn't at the fire board meeting this past Saturday missed a great bit of news.

Official word of the Federal Emergency Management Agency grant came this past Friday. The Tonto Village Fire District was approved for a $51,000 grant for personal and fire station equipment. The grant is very rigid in what can be purchased with this money, and purchases will be carefully monitored by Fire Chief J.R. Alliger.

Everyone was delighted that our little station will be receiving some state of the art equipment.

Alliger would like to remind everyone of the off-street parking that is now in effect. Another storm will be upon us this weekend, so do not park any vehicles on the street.

He also reminds everyone that if you burn more pine wood than other types, the tar can build up in the chimneys and cause chimney fires. Please be very watchful as to how hot that fire can get. We surely do not want any tragic fires this holiday season, or any time for that matter.

The fire chief said he thanks everyone within the fire district for their support throughout the year, and wishes everyone happy holidays.

I also would like to add my holiday greetings and wish all my readers a happy and prosperous, and healthy New Year.

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