Packer Backer Becomes Cardinals' Biggest Fan


The Payson Roundup is home to one of the most loyal Green Bay Packer fans in the Rim country.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Dave Rawsthorne -- the paper's imaging technician -- has remained true to his roots by continuing his lifelong allegiance to the Packers.


Dave Rawsthorne proudly displays his Brett Favre poster and a personally autographed picture of former Packer Shawn Patterson.

When the Packers win, Dave is on top of the world. When the Pack loses, Dave is in serious need of what we call in public education "group" -- extensive counseling that is.

As big a Packer fan as Dave is, for two minutes yesterday (Sunday) he became an even greater Cardinals supporter.

After watching on TV his beloved Packers run out to a 31-3 lead over the Denver Broncos, Dave turned the channel to take in the final minutes of Arizona vs. Minnesota game. Sitting nervously on the edge of his recliner, Dave knew that Arizona had to beat the Vikings for Green Bay to reach the NFL playoffs. Suddenly Dave's passion for the green and gold turned into pure love for the men in red.

When Cardinals wide receiver Nate Poole made the miracle game-winning 28-yard touchdown reception from quarterback Josh McCown with no time remaining, Dave let out a huzzah that I'm sure I heard from my home north of Pine.

It was a bugle that would have made a bull elk in rut proud.

With the Cardinals' 18-17 win over the Vikings, Dave's Pack advances to the playoffs as the NFC North champions.

Monday morning, Dave showed up at work as chipper as a man clutching the winning lottery ticket.

No one who knows Dave will ever question his Green Bay loyalty.

But what we now know about him, is that for two precious minutes he was the greatest Cardinals' fan in Payson.

Pinnacle in top-10

What makes the Longhorn boys basketball team's 67-55 win over Pinnacle Dec. 12 even more impressive is the fact Pinnacle continues to be ranked among the 4A conference's top 10. When the rankings were released Monday (yesterday) morning, Pinnacle was the state's eighth-ranked team.

Some coaches and pollsters also are predicting Pinnacle has the offensive firepower to finish the season strong and move up in the standings.

If the Longhorns have the mettle to dump a powerhouse like Pinnacle, they might just have what it takes to reach the playoffs. That would be quite an accomplishment, considering Payson is only a first-year member of the big school conference.

PHS is also the smallest school in the 4A conference.

Last day

Taxpayers have only until tomorrow (Wednesday) to make their contributions to Credit for Kids.

Credit for Kids is a school funding source that was passed by the state Legislature in 1997. It directs a portion of your tax money to the school district of your choice rather than to the Arizona Department of Revenue.

Participants do not have to have children in the district, and do not even have to live in the district. Donations must be made by Dec. 31, 2003 in order to be eligible for the tax credit this year.

The dollar-for-dollar tax credit allows a $200 credit for individual taxpayers and a $250 credit for married taxpayers filing jointly.

For more information, call (928) 474-2070.

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