Phone Bills Delayed By Postal Office


Qwest customers in the Rim country can breathe a sigh of relief. Their missing payments from November have been found, and no late fees will be charged to their accounts.

The Roundup received about half-a-dozen calls about the matter. The town hall clerk's office reported they had received hundreds of calls about it.

The payments were not lost or stolen.

"We mistakenly paid our postage permit fee and box fee to the same place instead of two different places, so the post office was holding our mail," said Jeff Mirasola, public information officer for Qwest in Arizona and New Mexico.

A spokesperson at the Payson post office said they were told a Qwest employee picks up the payments made at the town hall drop box, puts them in a postage paid envelop and sends them in. But since the postage permit had expired, the mail was held up in Phoenix until the permit was brought up to date.

Mirasola said 1,000 payments were held. The payments were processed last Tuesday and posted Wednesday.

"No late fees will be charged," said Rebecca Tennille, a Qwest public information officer.

She said a number of people have contacted Qwest about the problem already, but if customers still have questions, they can call (800) 423-8994. An automated system will guide them to a customer service person who can answer their questions.

"Payson is the only place left on the planet that has a drop box," Mirasola said. "It's a special place."

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