Resolve To Use Common Sense In Your Celebration


It may be party time around the world, but that is no excuse for abandoning common sense.

It is a simple thing, hence the term "common" -- Don't drink and drive ringing in the New Year.

If drinking is an irreplaceable part of your holiday celebration, have a designated driver appointed at the start of the festivities.

Another alternative: if you feel you have to drink, celebrate at home, but make sure your guests stay safe. If you have to, go so far as to let them bed down on your floor to sleep it off.

In a recent news broadcast, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation said every 30 minutes someone is killed due to drunk driving ... 48 people dead in a 24-hour period.

How many ruined lives does that add up to? The tragedy certainly does not stop with the victim.

Will the person responsible for an alcohol-related death ever really recover? Will his or her family? How many friends will remain loyal?

What about the family and friends of the victim? Those lives are emotionally -- and sometimes financially -- mutilated as well.

Think about all those people before you take that drink when you have to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Are you strong enough to handle all that guilt?

How often does the phrase "alcohol may have been involved" accompany news stories of traffic accidents, hit and run accidents, assaults and domestic violence incidents?

Pay attention to the news between now and when you head out the door for that party on New Year's Eve.

The statistics are likely to be sobering.

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