Teen Tags Bull On First Elk Hunt


For 16-year-old Ashley Riehm, a recent bull elk in Unit 23 near Young turned into the experience of a lifetime.

Hunting with her brother-in-law, Jim Shannon, the Payson High School junior bagged her first-ever big game animal -- a 6x6 bull elk.


Ashley Riehm, 16, downed a 6x6 bull elk while hunting in Unit 23 near Young. Riehm is a junior at Payson High School.

"She was thrilled. It was really exciting for her," her sister Michelle Shannon said.

Riehm and her uncle spotted the elk while glassing a nearby hillside and then moved in for a clearer shot, Michelle said.

It took two shots from about 150 yards for Riehm to take down the bull.

Upon careful inspection of the animal, she learned it actually had a seventh point on one side of its antlers, but it had been broken off.

The only previous experience Riehm had to draw upon during the elk hunt was a javelina outing last year.

"She got drawn for a tag, but didn't get (a javelina)," Michelle said.

The proud hunter plans on stocking the family freezer with plenty of game meat. She also is going to have the huge antlers mounted as a reminder of her first big game hunt.

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