Two Choices For President



Jim Spencer's letter makes reference to Bill Clinton's and rich presidential candidate Howard Dean's efforts to avoid military service during the Vietnam War. Spencer ends his letter stating candidates should have a sense of honor and be patriotic with proven courage to serve our nation in time of war.

VP Al Gore, Bush's Democratic opponent in 2000, joined the U.S. Army for three years, refused a commission, and was on the ground in Vietnam for one year, with the war around him.

Our president George W. Bush graduated from the rich man's university, Yale, in 1968, just as the Vietnam War was heating up.

Did Bush show his patriotic duty and courage to serve our nation at a time of war by becoming a Marine Corps, or Army platoon leader, in Vietnam? He chickened out. Bush took an officer's test for the Texas Air National Guard that would allow him to do his military duty, safely, at home. His rich father, George H. W., a Houston congressman, pulled strings, and our president went ahead of a long waiting list and was inducted into the Texas Air National Guard. Some, more qualified than Bush, on the list were drafted into the Army and served in Vietnam.

Later, Bush transferred to the Alabama Air National Guard. He was transferred from one unit to another Alabama Air Guard unit. His superiors say they never saw Bush, and there is no documentation he ever showed up.

Other airmen in Bush's unit stated they never saw him. AWOL? Deserter? No, simply a pampered rich kid that was never told he could not do or have something.

That leaves us two choices, Senator John Kerry or General Wes Clark, both decorated war heroes. Both have stated Americans were Bushwacked as to the reason for the Iraqi War and would bring our troops home. They are tired of innocent Iraqi civilian deaths, and our brave soldiers will not be killed or wounded in a war. Billions of current, and future, dollars paid to Halliburton and Bechtel, the same corporations giving millions to Bush for re-election, and their no-bid contracts can be spent for our schools, hospitals, roads, electrical systems, etc.

Both candidates would have our former allies, Germany, France, Russia, Canada, etc. participate in the governing and reconstruction of Iraq. It is worth the price. Elect either one.

Gene Hinds, Democrat Precinct Committeeman, Gila County

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