Stories for February 2003


Thursday, February 27

Phoenix Metro names Barr All-State

Barry Sollenberger's Phoenix Metro Football Magazine has chosen Mike Barr a member of Arizona's Class 3A All-State football team.

Gas additive found in town wells

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) has found the gasoline additive MTBE in tests of a contaminated area in Payson.

Town gears up for youth basketball

The Payson Parks and Recreation Department is gearing up for what is projected to be the Rim country's biggest and best 5th and 6th grade youth basketball tournament.

Expert advice for the beginning bass fisherman


This week, Ben Leininger asks, "What is the best equipment for a first time, beginner bass fisherman?" Good question, Ben, because most beginning fishermen probably look at a fishing report and don't know one thing from another.

Storms soak Rim country

In case you haven't noticed, it's been a soggy February -- better than three times as wet as normal.

Bruce Carl

Bruce Carl, 53, died Feb. 15, 2003.

Coach praises seniors for hardwood efforts

After leading the Longhorn basketball team to its best record in 23 seasons, coach Mike Loutzenheiser recently took time off the court to praise the seven seniors who formed the nucleus of the team.

Tonto Apaches debut with depleted team

The performance of the Tonto Apache Track and Field Team at the Flagstaff Indoor Classic Feb. 15 at Northern Arizona University was slowed by the absence of 11 of 16 squad members. But the absences didn't dampen the spirits of coach Billy Joe Winchester.

Clara E. Swisher

Clara E. Swisher, 94, of Payson, died Feb. 27, 2003.

Shirley Hunsaker

Shirley Dana Leavitt Hunsaker, 77, died Feb. 24, 2003 in Mesa.

Harry F. Conner

Harry F. Conner, 78, died Feb. 23, 2003.

Lenore H. Champ

Lenore H. (Patterson) Champ, 95, of Payson, died Feb. 22, 2003.

Snow put community in the dark


Tonto Village was in the dark most of the day Wednesday, figuratively and then literally.

CC ladies plan pajama party


Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Wild About Hair moves, rebuilds

Hair stylist Jack Mecham has been beautifying the men and women of Rim country for the last 22 years at his shop, Wild About Hair.

Scrapbook store moves to Main Street

The latest addition to Main Street literally helps you organize your life -- at least your life as depicted in photos.

What's up?

Q: Is there any connection or has there ever been any relationship between the parks and recreation department and the supplier of the artificial turf we have in the parks?

Nightclub infernos a lesson for those who ignore codes

The tragedy of the two nightclub infernos in Rhode Island and Chicago during the past two weeks should provide a wake-up call for Mayor Ken Murphy, regarding his confrontations with Payson's Fire Marshal Jack Babb at the Ox Bow Saloon during Rodeo last August.

Strong opposition to water company takeover by PSWID

In an article in the Feb. 21 issue of the Payson Roundup local realtor Ray Pugel argues that it would be in the best interest of Pine and Strawberry for the PSWID to purchase and operate the local water company.

Homework lacking in water bid

I was very disappointed in Mr. Keyworth's reporting in the Feb. 21 issue concerning the Pine water issue. However, it is probably not his fault, as the group wanting Pine/Strawberry Water Improvement District to approve the feasibility study has not completely done its homework.

Caseworkers need to think outside the box

foster/adoptive parent. Cheri Greenwade's foster child "John" has the opportunity to be adopted by one of her family members. They are already licensed with years of experience. He has the chance to transition within what he already has come to know as his family system. Do you realize how rarely that occurs for a foster child?

Work with CPS a test of faith

Being foster parents here in Payson has been a trying experience during this past year.

Beaver Valley fire coverage one-sided

I am so angry with you as an editor of a supposed fair newspaper.

Enough already

The people in Beaver Valley and G.W. Bush have a message for you "enough is enough." Please stop your slanted news reporting about our fire department.

Abortion: Parents' rights should equal parental responsibility

If your 13-year-old daughter wants to have her ears pierced or even get an aspirin from the school nurse, the chances are she will need parental consent. But if she walked into a clinic and had an abortion last week, you may never have known about it.

MRCA gallery features talented artists


When you enter the Northern Gila County Historical Society's Museum of Rim Country Archaeology, you'll be amazed at the talent represented by the artists in the gallery.

Curtain coming down on ‘Matchmaker'

Seniors Randy Perham and Heather Williams are Horace Vandergelder and Dolly Levi in the Payson High School Drama Department's production of "The Matchmaker" -- the original "Hello Dolly" before it was turned into a smash Broadway musical.

Rollover leads to drug arrests

A Saturday afternoon rollover between Rye and Payson led to two drug arrests.

Ordinance will alter personnel status

Proposed changes in the ordinance on town officers were aired last night at the town council meeting.

Tuesday, February 25

Cruising in Rim country


I don't understand the current popularity of cruises.

Artist carves niche out of forest


The drought and bark beetle plague have the potential of leaving a bleak landscape in their wake. Rim country property owners are spending thousands of dollars to remove the majestic ponderosa pines that are the hallmark of Rim country which now stand dead and diseased.

Myths of the mountains


When you live in a place as majestic and mysterious as the Rim country, there are bound to be small events that spawn gigantic myths. The mountains around the Payson basin have their share of just such mythology.

Recipes for when the fish are biting


A great deal of the information you read on healthy eating, suggests having fish at least twice a week.

Monday, February 24

Patricia Lee Purkins

Patricia Lee Purkins, 62, of Payson, died Feb. 17, 2003.

Miss Lane goes to Washington

Payson High School senior Holly Lane has a passion for politics. And based on that and her participation in student government in Payson, she has been nominated by one of the school counselors to attend the Congressional Student Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. this summer.

Frieda Peterson

Frieda Peterson, 69, died Feb. 22, 2003 in Payson.

William D. (Rudy) Rudisill

William D. (Rudy) Rudisill, 54, of Payson, died Feb. 21, 2003 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix.

Iber Burge Wyckoff

Iber Burge Wyckoff, 81, died Feb. 23, 2003, in Payson.

Warnings ignored on way to stop private road maintenance

Property owners cautioned the council about rushing to discontinue town maintenance of private roads.

Pups on Parade Saturday

It's called Pups on Parade, but since the participating canines will be turned loose at Rumsey Park, it might be more appropriately called Puppy Pandemonium.

Pursuit leads to Round Valley home

A pursuit of a stolen vehicle by the Arizona Department of Public Safety led to an arrest in a Round Valley home.

Council battles super majority Thursday

A battle over personnel rules is looming at this week's council meeting.

Beaver Valley rejects contract sight unseen

With time running out on service from Houston Mesa Volunteer Fire Department, the Beaver Valley fire board voted to cease negotiations. The board rejected a proposed contract, not yet in their possession, that would continue fire and paramedic coverage for the next fiscal quarter.

Bittner named to state board of education

Gila County School Superintendent Armida Bittner has been named to the Arizona State Board of Education by Gov. Janet Napolitano.

Bruised egos could lead to public safety nightmare

The so-called confidential report from the Gila County Sheriff's Department on a compromised search warrant exposes a rift between area law enforcement agencies that must be addressed.

Health, safety of students is the issue

If you have ever watched a younger sibling, babysat the neighbor's kids, driven the Girl Scout troop to a campout, raised children of your own or taken your grandchildren to Disneyland, you know how daunting it is to be responsible for the care and safety of a child.

Republican legislative lunacy

Asinine, appalling, arrogant, acrimonious, and annoying are just some of the adjectives I'd use to describe the recent proposal by the Republican majority in the Arizona Legislature to slash some 119 million dollars from the budgets of our school.

It's time to do something about litter

I have had the pleasure of living in northern Gila County for 34 years. I have held my silence long enough. The trash that continues to grow through the carelessness and neglect of our citizens is a crime. It is time our local, county, and state governments put a law on the books that has teeth in it.

Environmental laws, forest go hand in hand

The Forest Service is claiming that environmental studies should be set aside on the Rodeo-Chediski logging sale because that burned forest might catch fire once its trees fall. Since it may take some ten years for ponderosa trees to fall, that certainly allows time for those studies, whether or not one believes that "re-burn" hokum!

What's up?

Q: It looks like another round of welfare payments is coming up for some of the businesses on Main Street. It's been kept kind of quiet. Could that be because the businesses that got $10,000 grants last year can now turn around and ask for $20,000 more? Maybe I could go sell pencils on Main Street and put in for a grant.

Judy Kathryn Herning

Judy Kathryn Herning, 56, of Pine, died Feb. 24, 2003.

David W. Fredenburg

David W. Fredenburg, 53, of Payson, died Feb. 23, 2003, in Payson.

Richard Clifton (Jack) Powell

Richard Clifton (Jack) Powell, 70, died Feb. 20, 2003 in Yackutat, Alaska.

John Robert Ryan

John Robert Ryan, 56, died Feb. 13, 2003 in Payson.

American Gulch Plan up for review

The $4.7 million American Gulch Plan will bring members of the town council, planning and zoning commission and Green Valley Redevelopment Committee together Wednesday.

Police respond to school bomb threat

A bomb threat at Rim Country Middle School put students outdoors for a large part of Monday morning.

‘Matchmaker' runs this week

If you liked "Hello Dolly," chances are you'll love "The Matchmaker" -- the Payson High School Drama Department's latest theatrical production.

Community efforts continue on boy's behalf

The people of Payson and the surrounding area are once again showing the size of the hearts in Rim country.

Prayer Dance: Reaching for help from another realm


Spraying pesticide may be one way to save the pine trees of Rim country, but a recent gathering of concerned residents in Pine explored another possibility. Brooke Medicine Eagle, renowned spiritual teacher and author, led a prayer dance workshop at the Pine community center, encouraging the use of spiritual means to heal the mountain.

Snyder's job brought her to Payson


She is a typical soldier in the army of modern day women -- a super mom: working full time and raising three, small, active children on her own. Still, Tracy Snyder is upbeat and energetic.

Ola Smith grew up in Payson, Part 2


Last week we were reviewing the life of Tonto Apache matriarch Ola Smith, who lived with her family both on lower Rye Creek and Indian Hill in Payson.

Veterans should bode well for Lady Horns

Payson High School girls softball coach Will Dunman said he hopes this is the year the Lady Longhorns win a state title.

Pine team snags fishing gold

The Rim country was well represented in the final standings of the AllStar Bass Couples Tournament Feb. 15 at Bartlett Lake.

Parks and recreation briefs

A youth soccer league is forming for youth who will be ages 8 to 15 as of May 18, 2003.

Check out Arizona's best sports exposition

Last fall's highly successful bass and crappie fishing trip with Clifford Pirch has my two sons, Gerry and Ryan, and I eager for another. Clifford says the crappie spawn is about to get under way, so we've scheduled a trip with him in mid-March.

Thursday, February 20

What's up?

Q: I read that Northern Arizona University wants to increase tuition by $1,000 next year. Will that affect any of the local programs?

Community play has 'em rolling in the aisles


Saturday night in Tonto Village was jumping. There were a lot of vehicles parked along the side of the road and inside the Double D Restaurant it was standing room only.

Local singer a rising star

When Cody Gibson was 6 years old, he thought all kids his age could sit down at the drums or piano and play like he could.

Council tangles over executive session

Payson Town Council members faced-off over a proposed executive session this week.

Town cracking down on redevelopment area

A new code compliance enforcement initiative should still the voices of those who accuse the town of coddling Main Street and Green Valley Redevelopment Area property owners.

Emergency personnel review fire work

Are you ready if the Rim country has a fire season like the one in 2002? What will happen if area residents are evacuated or called upon to host evacuees?

Attention, Wal-Mart shoppers: your new home loan is ready

The one-stop shopping concept at Wal-Mart will soon include real estate.

Fire districts need a task force to solve problems

The recent problems of the Mesa del and Beaver Valley fire districts are not new to fire districts in Arizona. The problem of money and qualified people has been successfully solved by mergers.

Hydrogen car in the works?

Remember the Berlin Wall, remember Mid-East oil? There is a connection with both of the preceding sentences' subjects.

Leonard Morgan Nunham

Leonard Morgan Nunham, 94, of Mesa, Ariz., died Feb. 18, 2003.

IDA wants to study Brooke takeover

Two local organizations have begun preliminary talks that could lead to an attempt to purchase the Pine and Strawberry water companies from Brooke Utilities.

Chamber networking breakfast Feb. 25

Karl Siderits, Forest Supervisor of Tonto National Forest, and Ed Armenta, District Ranger, will be the featured speakers at the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce networking breakfast Tuesday, Feb. 25.

Daniels an unsung hero

The Longhorn boys basketball team has had an exceptional year. In fact, the season ranks among the best in the history of the program at Payson High School.

Breaking down the wall of confidentiality

As journalists, we realize the importance of confidentiality to protect sources who may experience grave consequences for telling the truth -- yet the truth is still told.

Prespawn conditions make fish easier to find


Now that most of our desert lakes have gone into an early prespawn period, the fish are moving into areas where they are easier to locate.

Coaches tap Lee, Coleman, McCarty all-stars

A trio of Payson High School seniors have attained the pinnacle of prep wrestling success.

Decision on new coach to wait

It could be late in the spring before a new Payson High School football coach is selected.

Baseball challenge free to local youths

Aspiring Rim country baseball players will soon have the opportunity to put their diamond skills to the test.

Horns' dreams of America West swept away

Errant free-throw shooting put the crimps on the Longhorns hopes of being the first Payson High School basketball team to play in America West Arena.

Lady Horns knocked out in second round

The prediction Lady Longhorn coach Krystal Garvin made more than two weeks ago turned into a prophecy Wednesday morning on the campus of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.

Alphonse Arthur Mouraux

Alphonse Arthur Mouraux, 71, died Feb. 15, 2003.

Discover Rim's pioneer women


The Pine Library Friends meet at 1 p.m. Monday Feb. 24 at the Library. Guest speaker Sharesse von Strauss, director of the Northern Gila County Historical Society will present an overview of the new exhibit, "Women of the Rim -- the Spirit of Tenacity."

Keith D. Webster

Keith D. Webster, 72, of Payson, Ariz., died Feb. 19, 2003 in Scottsdale.

Keith Elwyn "Smitty" Smith

Keith Elwyn "Smitty" Smith, 84, died Feb. 13, 2003 in Phoenix.

Joan Gates Simson

Joan Gates Simson, died Jan. 27, 2003, in San Diego, Calif.

Gladys Phelan Rook

Gladys Phelan Rook died Feb. 14, 2003 in Medford, Ore.

Start conserving water now


The drought continues with almost no rain or snow to speak of so far this winter.

Tuesday, February 18

Natural catastrophes sent fear through Rim country


While most of our country suffers from natural disasters in one form or another, the Rim country remains relatively safe. We have our droughts and our fires, of course, and last week we considered the possibility of earthquakes. But what about lightning, wind and floods? Do we need to fear them in this secluded center of our wonderful state of Arizona?

Ranch offers more than a whisper of hope


Whispering Hope Ranch is still just a whisper, a name we all seem to know from somewhere. Yet, what it is, rings loud and clear to those who have walked the path and connected with a furry or feathered friend.

Turkey today, and then what?


Recently, I fixed turkey with every intention of using the leftovers for a number of creative dishes. The problem was, the recipes I planned to use did not seem all that appealing when it came right down to it: Turkey Caesar Salad and Turkey Tetrazzini. So, I went in search of others.

Super computer engages Rim country's best


Gary Kasparov is tilting at windmills again.

Monday, February 17

Rules that foster voluntary, effective cooperation needed

Waterless urinals in public places indeed. This certainly confirms my opinion of politicians generally and of Payson's politicians in particular.

911, Internet washed out Sunday by recent rain

Problems with the Mount Ord communication towers put Payson's 911 service out of commission Sunday.

County attorney may consider five charges against mayor

The Department of Public Safety made no charges against Payson Mayor Ken Murphy following its five-month investigation. The investigation stemmed from allegations of a confrontation between Murphy and Fire Marshal Jack Babb.

Everybody should pay their fair share of taxes

It seemed like the right thing to do for Arizona's children.

Alternate fuel should be available everywhere

As a semi-educated citizen of our world, I am deeply concerned about the environment we all reside in.

Divisiveness rests with the mayor's conduct

I disagree with Bill Michaels and Mayor Murphy.

Thanks to Judy Buettner for getting it out in the open

We've heard enough blaming our councilwoman Judy Buettner for the Sutton/East Cedar Road fiasco. Before her election, she listened to our complaints about our miserable, dusty dirt road. Not long after her election, we awoke one day to find the entire road to have a chip seal coating, with no expense to us.

What's up?

Q: What was the result of the town's water exploration at Doll Baby Ranch? Has that been completed?

PHS student ‘shoots' for the top

Payson High School junior Elizabeth Goodale would like to shoot pictures for National Geographic one day.

‘War' is top concern at Republican luncheon

War. War with Iraq, war with the bark beetle and environmental extremists, war with the state budget.

The eyes have it

Mary Kay Cosmetics sales director Michelle Goodman and senior beauty consultant Nancy Althoff recently provided makeup pointers to students in the Fashion Plus class at Payson High School.

Council appoints 15 to select bond projects

A group of 15 people will serve on the town's newest committee, the Ad Hoc Capital Improvement Projects Committee.

Kalina Lynn Casper

Kalina Lynn Casper was born Feb. 7, 2003.

Mark Anthony Petefish, Jr.

Mark Anthony Petefish, Jr. was born Nov. 20, 2002.

Harlan Charles Hughes III

Harlan Charles Hughes, III, 18, of Payson, died Feb. 12, 2003.

Naomi "Myra" Monroe

Naomi "Myra" Monroe, 75,of Payson, died Feb.15, 2003.

County responds to criticism over raises

The county reorganization of its employees has opened a wound over salary structure.

Time Out shares year's achievements

A year of triumph at the Time Out Shelter was celebrated last week.

Code Orange not fazing Rim country residents

It was front-page news in The Arizona Republic last week: "Survival supplies ... going fast."

Deputies looking for potential witness in trailhead burglaries

The on-going burglary problem at the Fossil Creek Trailhead may be nearing a solution.

Larby named principal of year

Frank Larby has been named middle school principal of the year by the Arizona School Administrators Association.

State beckons Lady Horns to Flagstaff

The regular season has wrapped up, the regional tournament is history and the Lady Longhorns are primed for a run at the Class 3A state tournament.

Payson's jayvee girls ready for varsity stint

If coach Rory Huff's assessment is on target, the Lady Longhorn varsity basketball team will be reinforced next season by an infusion of new talent.

Longhorns open state today against Bulldogs

A 73-71 loss to Snowflake in the championship round of the Class 3A East regional tournament has relegated the Payson Longhorns to a second seed in the state tournament.

Wrestlers settle for runners-up

The Longhorn wrestling team's bid to win its 11th state championship in the past 23 years has come up just short.

Hoyt challenges state's best in Laveen

Receiving a bid to participate in the prestigious JGAA Thunderbird Invitational was a sweet treat for young golfer Billy Bob Hoyt.

Mavericks Huff and puff and blow Tortolita down

He's only an eighth-grader, but Miles Huff's performance in Rim Country Middle School's stunning upset of Tucson Tortolita was about as gutsy a performance as I've witnessed in 30-plus years of coaching and covering sports.

PRMC's telemedicine program expands


A new program at Payson Regional Medical Center will now allow rural residents with movement disorders to have access to medical specialists from Good Samaritan Hospital without driving to the Valley.

Hairdresser finds passion in her work


It's redheads, not blondes, who are having more fun these days, according to Back Street Salon hairdresser Tanner MacRae.

Ola Smith grew up in Payson - Part 1


She was called "grandma Ola" by the Tonto Apache Tribe and also by many of the townsfolk when she died Oct. 13, 1998.

Westminster vs. precious pound puppy


The 127th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is over for another year.

Thursday, February 13

Second Amendment just as important as four freedoms

I was very impressed with your article "Freedom of Press Gives Us All a Voice" on the Opinion Page Feb. 7, 2003.

Logger: a friend of forests

Ms. Elise Lauster's (Phoenix) letter in Feb. 7 Roundup ("Fire is Logger's Best Friend") states that salvage logging of the Rodeo-Chediski burn is "dangerous, shortsighted" and "demands citizen oversight afforded by environmental law." She also claims that "wildfire is the logging industry's best friend here."

Cable company makes good on high-speed Internet

As a vocal critic of the internet and cable service from Cablevision (including a letter printed on this page November 8, 2002), I would like to now give them credit for the upgrades in internet service they are now finishing.

DeVeaux's story was touching

I am trying to re-locate to Arizona from California.

A glimpse of who Calista Wright was

I was contacted Friday night by someone from the Gila County Public Defender's office in response to my first ever letter to an editor (you). His office is attempting to defend Paul Roosen for the murder of my sister-in-law Calista Wright.

What's up?

Q: What a debacle on South 87 last Sunday morning. Didn't anyone check the north slope that is obviously very susceptible to icing and ice retention? It was over three hours before a sander appeared on the scene.

So long, to a good friend


The community remembers this week a very special lady, Christopher Creek's own sweetheart Gertrude Kuntz died last Wednesday.

Business showcase is your one-stop shop

Wouldn't it be wonderful to go to one location and talk to just about every business in Arizona Rim Country? It would save time, lots of gas and those jangled nerves.

Tonto Trailer Sales opens

Many who have fished lake Roosevelt are familiar with Punkin Center Marine. For the past 12 years, Barbara Gallimore and Gary Blanchard have been in the boat repair business in the Tonto Basin area, but low water levels in the lake have forced them into a new line of work.

Flossie Marie Thomas

Flossie Marie Thomas, 82, of Payson died Feb. 8, 2003.

Fossil Creek widening closer to completion


A wider Fossil Creek Road is becoming a reality.

Lyle D. Wood

Lyle D. Wood, 79, of Payson, died Feb. 10, 2003.

PHS wrestlers bound for state

Refusing to be swayed by the Show Low Cougars No. 1 state ranking, the Payson Longhorns wrestled their way to East regular season and tournament championships.

Community's help is wonderful

I think what the community is doing for Justin is wonderful.

East tournament opens today in Eagar

With the regular season at an end, the Lady Longhorns open pursuit of an East Region Tournament championship at 1 p.m. today (Friday) in Eagar/Springerville.

Genealogical society selling bricks

To jump-start its fund-raising drive to build a new library, the Northern Gila County Genealogical Society is selling engraved bricks that will be incorporated into the new facility.

Cooler heads prevail on idea to close school campus

In a year when the Payson Unified School District has had to deal with some contentious personnel issues, it has so far been refreshing to watch the debate unfold over closing the Payson High School campus.

Dumpster Divers are not thieves

In response to a letter from Robert Elliott in the paper (Feb. 11 Roundup). I would like to once again come to the defense of Payson Humane Society.

Be careful when buying your tools


Tonto Village was a winter wonderland this past week and it looked great. We are guessing that about four to five inches of heavy, wet, snow fell.

Horns prepare to take on Round Valley

Clutching only the third regional championship in the history of Payson High School boys basketball, the Longhorns open postseason tournament play today (Friday) eager to reap more honors.

Foster mom battles Child Protective Services

Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano has pledged to overhaul the state's Child Protective Services division.

Early warm weather affects fish feeding


Early spring is a time for feast in fishing.

Learn firewise now, before it's too late

With another fire season just around the corner, I would just like to ask all landowners to please prepare your home and land using the "firewise" landscaping guidelines.

New water ordinance has teeth

A tough new water conservation ordinance based on the previous year's rainfall will take effect March 1, 30 days after its approval by the Payson Town Council.

Lady Horns could use fan support

Lady Longhorn basketball coach Krystal Garvin is convinced that the key to reaching the state tournament final four is to advance to the opening round as a No. 1 or 2 seed. To do so, the Lady Horns must defeat Snowflake in a regional semifinal game at 1 p.m. today in Eagar/Springerville.

DPS completes Murphy report

The Payson Police Department has received the special investigation report on the Rodeo weekend incident between Mayor Ken Murphy and Fire Marshal Jack Babb.

‘Regulated' campus an option for PHS

Payson High School administrators are considering a regulated campus rather than a closed campus, they reported to the school board Monday evening.

Cronk reports for National Guard duty

The Gila County Sheriff's Department in Payson is going to be short a deputy for the foreseeable future.

Tuesday, February 11

Looking for a few good men


Just in time for Valentine's Day, a new book by Barbara Dafoe Whitehead purports to explain "Why There Are No Good Men Left" (Broadway Books, $22.95).

Earthquakes shaped the Rim country landscape


Rim country residents tend to feel smug about natural disasters, we have so few of them here in Arizona central mountains. While earthquakes, tornadoes, avalanches, mudslides, tidal waves and hurricanes batter nearly every part of our nation at one time or another, we seem free from such fearsome events.

Clowns use humor to teach serious lessons


Clowning around in the name of education, Fire Marshal McCloud and his deputies Fizzles and Flambé are a traveling troupe of jesters who spread the word about fire safety.

Vegetables for Valentine's Day


More often than not, vegetables in my house consist of opening a can or tearing open a frozen bag of something and putting the contents in a pan on the stove.

Monday, February 10

Flores seeks dismissal in Roosen case

The Gila County Attorney has asked that the case against Paul Roosen be dismissed.

Memory Lane struggles to keep past alive

Inge DeVeaux is passionate about Memory Lane, the activities program she manages for people suffering from Alzheimer's, dementia and other disabling diseases. This is why she is so troubled by the ominous fact that unless she finds more participants, her program could be just a memory.

Quotskuyva brothers, Davis face attempted murder charge

Garrett Quotskuyva, Waylon Quotskuyva and Jameson Davis are all facing multiple charges in the attempted murder of a Payson teen last summer.

Debate on police action is healthy

At a recent meeting of the Payson Town Council, a question was raised regarding an article that appeared in the Jan. 17 issue of the Payson Roundup about 12-year-old Adam Davis.

Police should be congratulated for their work

The three-hour departmental review of the Payson Police Department went quite smoothly Wednesday evening. Police Chief Gordon Gartner and his key staff people were well prepared.

Will reason and common sense prevail?

I want to thank the reporter from the Payson Roundup for her attendance and factual account of the events regarding the dispute between the Beaver Valley Fire Department Board and the Houston Mesa Fire Department.

Council appears to have hidden agenda

The town council and town staff should forgo the issuance of revenue bonds for construction of hangars at the airport for the following reasons:

Be wary of people going through trash

As the past owner of a Phoenix security firm, I would like to counsel against planting the seed of "dumpster diving" as an honest way to help in charity or recycling causes.

Golden Retrievers are wonderful dogs

I read with considerable interest Christy Wrather's article, "Aggressive behavior is not OK," in the Payson Roundup dated Jan. 28, 2003.

Someone should pay for Wright's murder

I recently sent you a letter via e-mail that was a plea to the Gila County Attorney, who at the time was considering dismissing the charges against Paul Roosen for the murder of my sister Calista Wright.

Is senior center suffering from bad management?

I am very concerned about the developing situation at the Senior Center, where I attend an exercise class and visit with many of the employees and volunteers. Based on what I read and hear from the volunteers, something dramatic needs to be done.

What's up?

Q: What is the problem with the sound in nearly every theater at Sawmill Crossing, especially the two smaller ones at the end? Surely I can't be the only one who has noticed that the sound is awful. Do they plan to do anything about it?

Old and young share thirst for knowledge

B.J. Welsh is 13. Robert Tarallo is 70.

Weide, Baugh wed

Aaron Weide, son of Pastor Carl and Louanne Weide of Strawberry, and Christina Baugh, daughter of Pastor Jim and Teri Baugh of Chandler, were married Dec. 27, 2002, at Mesa Baptist Church.

Martha I. Barr

Martha I. Barr, 84, of Florida, died Feb. 1, 2003 in Palm Harbor, Fla.

Ross Davidson

Ross Davidson, 57, died Feb. 5, 2003 in Payson.

Omer Cleveland Gilliland

Omer Cleveland Gilliland, 92, died Feb. 7, 2003, in Payson.

Gertrude Mae Kuntz

Gertrude Mae Kuntz, 87, of Christopher Creek, died Feb. 5, 2003 in Payson.

Council asked to take action on dirt roads

Residents traveling on the eight-plus miles of unpaved roads in town may find a rocky path in their future, if the Payson Town Council passes a measure to discontinue courtesy maintenance on private roads.

Payson's new general plan goes out for review

After months of work by planning experts, the town's planning group, staff and community members, the new general plan is ready for review.

Key to surviving a dog attack is to stay calm


A recent column discussed ways of altering the behavior of your own dog when he shows aggression toward people and other dogs.

Longhorns beat Cats to win East title

When the rock group Queen belted out "We Are the Champions," they weren't directing it at the Payson High School boys basketball team. But they might as well have been -- the Longhorns are now the champs.

Second-place Lady Horns set for regionals

In her first year coaching the Lady Longhorn basketball program, Krystal Garvin has guided the team to an East region second-place finish and a berth in the regional and state tournaments.

Spirit line awaits judge's decision

In a matter of days, members of the Payson High School spirit line should know the results of a statewide competition the squad participated in Feb. 1 at Phoenix Memorial Coliseum.

You, too, can have your own artificial turf

The artificial playing surface installed last spring on the new multi-purpose field at Rumsey Park is drawing rave reviews.

Back when -- the Stewarts charmed Main Street


When the old triangle rang out up and down Payson's Main Street, folks knew it was time for one of Margaret Stewart's delicious meals.

There's no better place than Payson for Schuerer


Rosalind Schuerer is the Payson Senior Circle's Volunteer of the Year.

Skills needed for horsemanship are therapy for 3-year-old boy


Justice McNeeley is taking riding lessons, and while that may not sound all that extraordinary, take a closer look and you will find a special instructor, a generous saddle maker, a patient horse with a gracious owner and very courageous parents.

Elderbuilders helps homebound residents preserve independence

"Aging -- if it's not your issue, it will be."

Police say response time needs to improve

What some residents thought would be a grilling of the Payson Police Department by the town council, turned out to be a genial session of give-and-take.

Tonto bridge under attack ... again

Local officials are trying to organize a grassroots campaign to deter possible raids on the Heritage Fund by the state Legislature.

Thursday, February 6

Big Brothers Big Sisters sock hop this Sunday

Big Brothers Big Sisters, the program that gives adults the privilege of changing the life of a child forever, is holding a Sock Hop and Open House from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday at Rim Country Mall.

Athletes shine at skating contest


Residents of Christopher Creek are proud of Leo Zanotto who lives here in Hunter Creek.

Bedrooms & More opens for your comfort

John and Fran Hoffman, residents of Payson for the past 21 years, are giving the community a little comfort with a new store called Bedrooms & More.

James "Red" Newkirk

James "Red" Newkirk, 80, of Strawberry, died Feb. 5, 2003.

William "Lee" DeLeone

William "Lee" DeLeone, 56, died Jan. 16, 2003 in Prescott.

What's up?

Q: Here we are again at the time of the year when the best movies are released and Payson is showing none of them. Where is "Adaptation," "The Hours," "Chicago"? Out of six movie screens, couldn't we dedicate at least two to movies adults love and quit catering to 16-year-olds?

Embarrassed by belligerent bully

According to Mayor Ken Murphy, the newspaper and the media are the cause of his problems. That is incredible.

Time is right to dump super majority

In her very intemperate (guest comment) in the Feb. 4 issue of the Roundup, Shirley Snyder charges that the people of Payson are "effectively giving the council carte blanche to do whatever they please and wield unprecedented power over the running of this town."

'Emergency' bonds should be used to save trees

Bark beetles are apparently still attacking trees during our warm weather. On a large lot on the west side of Tyler Parkway, I have watched one brown tree become many in the last two months. Can the town of Payson notify the owners that they have infested trees on their property?

Closed campus not a good idea

I am all for an open campus. Schools are to teach young people responsibility and you can't do this with a closed campus. There will be a few who will abuse the privilege, but the majority should not be punished for the few.

Fire is the logger's best friend

Why is the Forest Service pushing the exemption of the Rodeo-Chediski salvage sale from environmental law? They claim it prevents the forest from re-igniting. In reality, once a forest burns, it is about as fireproof as it can get.

Proposed funding cuts put elderly at risk

As the budget crisis in the state unfolds, AARP continues to monitor how proposed cuts in funding levels impact seniors.

Freedom of press gives us all a voice

When Secretary of State Colin Powell made his presentation to the U.N. Security Council, news media from around the world covered the event. But the people of Iraq were not allowed the privilege to see or hear what transpired.

Dumpster Divers trading cans for cash

The Payson Humane Society's annual aluminum can drive -- the shelter's primary source of income -- is under way.

Strawberry anglers dominate fish contest


Father-daughter team Tom and Danielle Piazza took first, second and third place in the Butcher Hook Big Bass Tournament for January.

State OKs extra care for Saxton

The Jan. 10 issue of the Roundup featured an article on a disabled Payson child and his family's struggle to maintain adequate care for their son, following a decision by AHCCCS to take away 30 hours of care each week by their certified nursing assistant.

Kuhlman sentenced to 20 years

Keven Deon Kuhlman was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the October 2001 murder of Susan Birchak.

Wrestlers head to region finals

It's showtime for the Payson Longhorn wrestling team.

Farewell to a fine, finned friend


I have some sad news to report this week; I have lost a part of my menagerie of critters.

Continuing the spread of misinformation

This is in response to last Friday's letter insinuating that certain elected town officials are a mouthpiece for People for Payson.

Unraveling the mystery of climate zones


Garden catalogs are full of pictures of wonderful plants that lure the gardener into visual fantasies of this year's growing season. Determining if a plant will be suitable for a Rim country garden depends on information the gardener needs to decipher before placing the order.

Couple toured Columbia during refurbishing

Rim country resident Michael Meidroth was at work in his Payson home office Saturday morning when his wife's mother called to tell them the space shuttle Columbia had crashed.

Community responds to help Justin

There is a young boy in need of help and a call is going out for the people of the Rim country to help the child.

Couple watched Columbia launch

Fresh from a Florida vacation, East Verde Estates residents Irene and Virgil Orth settled down Saturday morning to watch the shuttle Columbia return to earth on television.

Senior center should be a top priority

What happened to our priorities? We face shutting down our senior center for lack of funds, yet Mr. Bob Ware and his chamber of commerce gang ask for $75,000 of taxpayers' money to advertise the Rim country.

Liz Wilson

Liz Wilson, 54, of Payson, died Feb. 5, 2003.

Fire boards inch closer to reaching agreement

Another round of contract negotiations between the Houston Mesa and Beaver Valley fire boards yielded an agreement with the help of County Manager John Nelson, acting as mediator.

Mav mat crew shines at tourney

Rim Country Middle School wrestling coach David Daniels was pretty happy with his team's performance at the Arizona State Junior High School tournament.

Boys, girls thump Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge Yellow Jackets know the feeling of a good old-fashioned rear end kicking after being on the receiving end of a pair of thumpings Feb. 4 in Lakeside.

Adapt techniques to suit weather


Ever since Arizona quit having winter, the fishing has really been turned upside down.

Last chance to register for Little League Feb. 8

Payson Little League officials are urging local youth to put up their video games, turn off the TV and try out for baseball.

East tournament brackets set

Athletic directors representing the six East region high schools have finalized the season-ending boys and girls basketball tournament schedules.

Tuesday, February 4

Casserole cooking was a novelty


Did you know at one time the concept of casserole cooking was a novelty?

Friends without borders


Sending your child to another country can be a scary proposition. Sending one into a country about to wage war to stay with strangers you have never met in a town you have never seen takes a leap of faith -- faith that by sharing your children with another family, you will take a small step toward world peace.

Early brides of the Rim country


There were too few women to match up with the many men on the Rim country frontier. When cowboys and prospectors did get married, it usually was because they wooed a teacher or sent for a mail order bride.

Dry humor about the Valley's water consumption


It's hard to find much humor in the water situation in the Rim country. Droughts just aren't very funny.

Monday, February 3

Response team cleaning up hazardous gasoline spill

Six thousand gallons of spilled gasoline creates an explosive situation for Mark Fisk and his hazardous materials emergency response team. Fisk is the project manager for MP Environmental Services, the Phoenix-based company hired to clean up the toxic fuel spill on the Beeline Highway south of Payson.

Middle school mediation cancelled

The mediation session between Rim Country Middle School Principal Frank Larby and his teachers, scheduled for Monday, Feb. 3, was cancelled Friday.

Community comes to aid of stranded loggers

Following the Roundup's story on the timber cutters stranded at the Payson campground by Dobson Logging's false promises of work, citizens and businesses around Rim country came to their aid.

Honor your favorite hometown heroes

Every issue of the Roundup has a special little feature on the front page paying tribute to the Good Guys of Payson and the Rim country.

Throw these rascals out of office

Congratulations to the town council: You really put one over on us last Thursday night.

Please return stolen bicycle

To the person/persons who took/stole the bicycle from in front of the Goodwill Store in Payson on Jan. 30:

Longhorns claim title

The East's regular season championship banner will be hoisted by the state second-ranked Longhorn wrestling team when the region tournament kicks off Feb. 8 in Show Low.

Horns' streak continues in Wilson Dome

With two games remaining in the regular season, the Longhorns basketball team is racing toward the regional tournament clutching a 7-1 record (15-6 overall).

Lady Horns need two for silver

A pair of season-ending victories -- today (Tuesday) at Blue Ridge and Feb. 7 in Wilson Dome vs. Show Low --ill send the Lady Longhorns (5-3 in the East) into the regional tournament with a highly advantageous No. 2 seed.

AIA proposal could spell trouble for coaches

An Arizona Interscholastic Association proposal that would severely put crimps in how high school coaches conduct their off-season programs could soon become reality.

Longhorns may be heading to America West

Gazing into a crystal ball, it's not at all difficult to envision Longhorn teams reaching the state tournament's final four to be played in America West Arena.

Volunteer backs her fire chief

As a regular reader of your publication, I am dismayed that an article regarding Beaver Valley's fire chief's medicinal use of marijuana seemed to warrant bigger headlines than some of the methamphetamine rings that have been dismantled in our town. Also, it is quite coincidental that the article runs at the same time as an article regarding Beaver Valley's attempt to work toward being a mutual aid fire district.

What's up?

Q: Is there or isn't there a leash law? I've seen a large number of people walking their dogs without leashes lately.

Credit for Kids rakes in dough

The total was down slightly from the previous year, but officials from the Payson Unified School District are pleased with the final tally for the 2002 Credit for Kids campaign.

Max Charles Richards

Max Charles Richards, of Young, died Feb. 1, 2003.

Douglas B. Sheridan

Douglas B. Sheridan, 85, of Tonopah, Ariz., died Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2003 in Phoenix.

Carnes family welcomes Kylee Mae

Brett and Kamae Carnes announce the birth of their third child, Kylee Mae Carnes.

Make mealtime special for your best friend


Most dogs and cats spend far too much time alone with the family off at work or school. It is important to spend some quality time with our pets when we are home.

Back when -- Belle Lovelady was on the line -- Part 2


Belle Russell had married Walter Lovelady at Globe in 1919, and come with him to live on Webber Creek.

Cowboy returns to roots, writing


Jinx Pyle is the genuine article -- a real cowboy -- and the point was driven home to him after his family had sold their ranch in the Rim country and bought one in Oregon.

Council OKs ‘emergency' for project bonds

Voting 6-1, the Payson Town Council has obligated sales tax revenues to pay a $1.5 million, 15-year bond for a new maintenance building and hangars.

Fire chief offers funds for police dispatcher

The top priority of Payson's Fire Department is getting more dispatchers at the police department.

History preserved at Kohl's Ranch

There were a few raised eyebrows among skeptics last year when the old cowboy bar at Kohl's Ranch was torn down to make room for a two-unit residential time share on the site.

Police make search in Star Valley

Payson police, assisted by the Gila County Sheriff's Office, made two arrests in Star Valley Friday.

Endorphin flows with feeling


Those who frequent Payson's music scene are probably familiar with the sights and sounds of Jimi Harris.