Throw These Rascals Out Of Office


Congratulations to the town council:

You really put one over on us last Thursday night. The last time you tried to indebt us with a bond issue, we filed a referendum to stop your irresponsible spending. You said if we would not file the referendum, thereby saving the taxpayer the expense, you would drop the bond issue.

Now, a month or two later, some of the same issues have come up. This time you slip in the word "emergency" which negates our ability to file a referendum to stop you. Then, surprise, the cost of the items has increased. I didn't realize that building costs could rise several hundred thousand in such a very short time.

Could someone explain to me what the "emergency" is about building hangars for an elite 22 people. It must be supposed that from now on whenever the council has personal agendas they want put through, that they know the citizens would be opposed to, all they have to do is slip in that little old "emergency" clause.

I find the issue of the town building the hangars at the airport for 22 people highly suspect, considering that one member of the council is a pilot, and another's husband is a pilot. They also have many friends who are pilots. Also, another member of the council spoke eloquently during his campaign about bringing private enterprise to Payson, and now has voted to put Payson in the rental business. A business that will require maintenance and will not be paid for in 15 years. It seems to me that, rather than accommodate 22 people at the town's expense, it would have been far better to accommodate a considerable number of citizens and visitors by covering the rodeo grandstand. That at least brings in business and revenue to Payson.

I guess if we were in Washington, D.C., they would call these "dirty tricks" to fill the "little old pork barrel."

And, of course, there is the matter of the council's efforts to change the personnel procedures for firing top officers by delegating that power to the town manager, with appeal to the council requiring only a 4-to-3 majority to confirm dismissal, as versus the present super majority of a council vote of 6 to 1 for removal. This would seriously increase the mayor's ability to carry out his vendetta against the police chief, the fire chief, and Councilman Henley's desire to get rid of the airport manager. There's no point in trying to chastise the council, they're a bit too quick for us, but shame on you, the citizens of Payson. You make clucking sounds and say "this is not right" and then proceed to look the other way and go about your business, effectively giving the council carte blanche to do whatever they please and wield unprecedented power over the running of this town.

You're not minding the store, people. Wake up and throw the rascals out!!!

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