Volunteer Backs Her Fire Chief



As a regular reader of your publication, I am dismayed that an article regarding Beaver Valley's fire chief's medicinal use of marijuana seemed to warrant bigger headlines than some of the methamphetamine rings that have been dismantled in our town. Also, it is quite coincidental that the article runs at the same time as an article regarding Beaver Valley's attempt to work toward being a mutual aid fire district.

I have nothing but the greatest respect for N. Duke Arrington. As a volunteer for the Beaver Valley Fire District, I can say that Duke has rallied his volunteers and guided us in our training. There is a community spirit developing among us that I haven't felt since moving here a year ago. Duke's past history is just that, in the past. Duke is a leader, and a very good one at that. Like all of us, he has experienced hurdles in life that he has had to overcome. I credit him with having the strength to endure all of these obstacles and still want to lead our fire department.

I believe that the HMFD is misrepresenting their response to our community --s stated in one of your articles of Jan. 28, 2003 --ive of their paramedics live in our community. This may account for their quick response time to any medical emergency in Beaver Valley.

Personally, as a citizen of Beaver Valley, I would like to know what HMFD's response time would be if we had a structural or forest fire threatening one or more of our homes?

Laura Plues, Beaver Valley Estates

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