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Q: Is there or isn't there a leash law? I've seen a large number of people walking their dogs without leashes lately.

A: "Yes, there most certainly is," Payson Police Lt. Don Engler said. "If an animal is not on its owner's property or at the dog park, it must be contained on a leash."

You can report loose dogs to the town's new animal control officer, Don Tanner, at 474-5177.

The county has a similar ordinance.

Q: My daughters and their five children would like to know why the only drinking fountain they could find turned on at Rumsey Park on Sunday, Jan. 26, was the one inside the dog park. Someone suggested the fountains are turned off in the winter to avoid freezing the pipes. If this is so, why would the ones inside the dog park be on?

A: Freezing used to be an issue with the steel pipe-type fountains, but they have all been retrofitted so they aren't damaged if they freeze, according to Nelson Beck, who has served as the town's supervisor of parks for nearly 14 years.

"Before, they would break and then run continuously, so we had to turn them off in the winter," Beck said.

But they still freeze, and that may have been what happened on the day in question.

"It depends on whether they're in the sun or shade and how hard they looked (for one that was working)," Beck said.

Beck said he would check the fountains out to make sure there aren't any other problems.

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