Adapt Techniques To Suit Weather



Ever since Arizona quit having winter, the fishing has really been turned upside down.

After spending six days on the water at Lake Pleasant last week, I caught 90 percent of my fish on techniques that I usually employ from April to October. However, when the fish act like it's that time of year, you have to adapt to what's going on.

At a tournament at Apache Lake last weekend, I heard it took more than 15 pounds of bass just to get into the top five. That is unheard of for this time of year, but so far it has been the trend this month.

Our unseasonably warm weather has made the fish act like spring is here. When the fish get active like this, you have to respond with active lures and techniques.

Local tournament anglers Buddy and Jake Randall were able to take advantage of this activity at last week's Apache tournament as well. They weighed a whopping 16 pounds by fishing reactive type lures in the derby that was good enough for third place.

The High Country Bassmasters are having their second tournament at Roosevelt next Saturday, Feb. 8. New members are welcome and you don't need a boat to participate.

Call Kyle Sawyer for more information at 474-5359.

For any of your tackle needs, or to go fishing with Clifford Pirch, call (928) 978-3518.

Lake Reports

Apache: Fishing is good. In-line spinners, crankbaits and spinnerbaits have been producing lots of quality bass. Early morning and late afternoon has been the best time for action.

Bartlett: Fishing is fair to good. Crankbaits and spinnerbaits have been working well. Most of the fish fall in the one-and-a-half to two pound category.

Canyon: Fishing is slow. Yellow bass continue to be the most active fish. Jigging spoons and tailspinners are working best. Some giant largemouth have been falling for Castaic Trout swimbaits.

Pleasant: Fishing is fair to good. Drop shot rigs and spoons are working well for bass mainly in 20-40 feet. Don't be surprised to find boiling fish due to the warm weather. If you are lucky enough to find this kind of action, be ready with tailspinners, jerkbaits and topwaters.

Roosevelt: Fishing is fair to good. Fishing for crappies really started to take off over the past week-and-a-half. Most of the action is coming in 14-20 over deeper water. Chartreuse grubs and minnows are working best. Bass have also started biting better. Try spinnerbaits in the new stickups or inline spinners on the main lake.

Saguaro: Fishing is slow. However, some action on Castaic Trout swimbaits and trout pattern cranks has been reported.

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