Embarrassed By Belligerent Bully



According to Mayor Ken Murphy, the newspaper and the media are the cause of his problems. That is incredible.

Is there anyone in Payson, including Murphy's supporters and apologists, who still believe he will change and cease to be an embarrassment to our town?

It is a well-established fact; persons who blame others for their own mistakes will not change.

I was moved by the outpouring of appeals for sympathy, understanding and another chance. No more.

History is replete with belligerent bullies who blame the press for self-inflicted wounds. Two who come to mind are Stalin and Hitler.

What is next --he Murphy Musings, to replace the Roundup after Murphy's minions burn down the newspaper?

Am I the only one who is alarmed about Murphy again not willing to take responsibility for his own actions?

Small towns initiate programs like the super majority rule in order to attract and retain high quality people. We have high quality people on the Payson payroll.

Charlie Good, Payson

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