'Emergency' Bonds Should Be Used To Save Trees



Bark beetles are apparently still attacking trees during our warm weather. On a large lot on the west side of Tyler Parkway, I have watched one brown tree become many in the last two months. Can the town of Payson notify the owners that they have infested trees on their property? The owners may not live in the Payson area, and might not know about the problem. If the property owners would refuse to address the problem, can the town of Payson remove the infested trees and bill the owners for the costs?

Prescott and Flagstaff have plans in place to remove infested trees and are doing that. Does our town have any plan in place to do the same?

Our beautiful trees are one thing that attracts people to Payson. If all our trees die, the Main Street project, and any other future projects, to attract people will be in vain.

Perhaps our town council should vote on some "emergency bonds" to save our trees. Keeping 22 airplanes protected from the weather certainly doesn't seem like an emergency to me.

Connie Marco, Payson

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