Farewell To A Fine, Finned Friend



I have some sad news to report this week; I have lost a part of my menagerie of critters.

Bart, the beta fish, has gone to beta heaven. I will miss him.

Bart lived for more than two years, and people in the know about beta fish tell me that is just about the life span of these beautiful fish.

I even made sure he wasn't lonely and bought an African frog for him. His name was Freddy.

Freddy was all by himself now so I called Trades ‘n' Sales to see if there was anybody out there who wanted Freddy. A gentleman from Star Valley called, and said his wife loves frogs, so I left him with the Donaldson family, knowing that he would find a great home. They also have beta fish, and an aquarium full of goldfish, so Freddy will feel right at home trying to bite the betas' tail.


This past Saturday, Feb. 1, almost all of the Tonto Village Domino Ladies group got together at Sesame Inn for a surprise birthday party for one of our dearest players. Retis Walker turned 80 years old that day. Her daughter Vickie Brimhall and son Larry came up from Mesa to help their mother celebrate her big day.

Retis was truly surprised as she walked into the room and we all sang "Happy Birthday" to her. Retis really does deserve to have a special day set aside for just her. We all wish you many, many more birthdays, Retis.

Another resident who will celebrate her birthday soon is Kara Shaw, Feb. 11. Kara is one of the Double D Ladies pool team's valuable players and also works at the National Bank as its mortgage loan officer. Happy birthday, Kara.

Fire news

Tonto Village Fire District will be holding its monthly meeting at 10 a.m., Saturday, Feb. 8, at the fire station. Chief J.R. Alliger would like to have as many volunteer firefighters as possible to be at the station for the meeting and after as well. Training will take place right after the meeting is over.

The fire department is still asking for people to help clear away the brush and to help clear the forest of combustible materials. Fire season is probably already upon us, since there has not been any moisture in quite a few weeks. There are still people who are camping in the area who are abandoning campfires. Dara and Phon Sutton put a fire out this past week. Everyone needs to stay aware of the fire danger, and keep a watchful eye open for careless people.

A little humor

On a lighter note, residents in the surrounding area, remember to come to the Double D Restaurant Feb. 15 for the special Valentine's Day event. The skit called "Gunsmoke Again" will be performed by the residents of Tonto Village and proves to be a fun evening for everyone. The play starts at 7:30 p.m. Dinner will be served from 5 to 7 p.m. The menu will be chicken fried steak with all the trimmings.

Come out and support this fantastic endeavor put on by our very own neighbors. They deserve our support.

Pool sharks

Last week, I reported that Phyllis Mullen celebrated her birthday Feb. 2. It must have been a very lucky day for her as well. Phyllis, along with Linda Stailey and Betty Koutz dominated the Sunday pool tournament.

Tuesday, Feb. 3, was Ladies Day, and Michelle Grundy, Phyllis Mullen and Patty Boeschling were the top winners.

The guys had better start practicing a bit more.

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