Strawberry Anglers Dominate Fish Contest



Father-daughter team Tom and Danielle Piazza took first, second and third place in the Butcher Hook Big Bass Tournament for January.

It is a monthly competition for fishing buffs to have some fun.

The competition goes all month with anglers bringing in their biggest catches as they reel them in. Danielle, 12, held the first spot for a week with a three-pound smallmouth bass. Dad bumped her by just a half-a-pound with another smallmouth bass.

Danielle has been fishing since she was five and enjoys the time on the water with her dad. She does bait her own hook, but calls it disgusting.

Tom also took third with a two-pound smallmouth bass, securing a Piazza sweep out of the 25 or 30 entrants.

The winners took home $25, a new fishing pole and a case of soda. Danielle pocketed another $6 from her dad and neighbor. On the day she snagged her winning fish, she also beat the men in each of their private competition categories.

"We get $1 for first, $1 for biggest and $1 for most," she said. Look for the pint-size angler on the lakes and watch her during any competitive event.

Local government

Ever wonder how decisions get made to spend our local tax dollars? The best way to find out is to attend one of the three local governing board meetings.

The Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District Governing Board meets at 1:30 p.m., Saturday, Feb 8, in the Senior Dining Room at the Community Center in Pine. The mission of these seven elected volunteers is to pursue a long-term solution to the water woes facing our mountain community.

The Pine-Strawberry School District Governing Board meets at 4 p.m., Tuesday, Feb 11, in the conference room at the Elementary School. The mission of these five elected volunteers is to manage the policy and budget needs for our school. Their ultimate goal is determining what is best for our children.

The Pine-Strawberry Fire District Governing Board meets at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Feb 19, in the training room at Station 42 in Pine on Hardscrabble Road. The five elected volunteers work with policy and budget issues as they pertain to the fire department. Their ultimate goal is providing safety to our community.

As you can see we have 17 local residents who have taken an oath and given up countless hours of their time to help better our community.

I challenge you to attend at least one of these meetings, see the work that goes into the job and take a moment to thank a board member for the commitment they have given to all of us.

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