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Q: Here we are again at the time of the year when the best movies are released and Payson is showing none of them. Where is "Adaptation," "The Hours," "Chicago"? Out of six movie screens, couldn't we dedicate at least two to movies adults love and quit catering to 16-year-olds?

A: "Chicago" is opening (Feb. 14 in Payson), but "Adaptation" and "The Hours" are "still doing the big cities," according to Brian Devaney, director of theater operations at Sawmill Theaters.

"What happens is the film companies will give the Academy Award contenders to the small towns at the very last," Devaney said. "The only reason we're getting ‘Chicago' is because Miramax was under pressure to go wider because of the Golden Globe awards, so they pulled out the checkbook and made more prints."

Devaney promises to bring both "Adaptation" and "The Hours" to Payson eventually.

"I saw them both," he said. "‘Adaptation' is absolutely excellent, (and while) I don't think it's a mainstream film for this theater that won't make me hesitate from playing it. ‘The Hours' is very, very, very depressing, (and while) it's not my first pick for this theater, I won't hesitate to do it one of those weeks where it's available and I have room for it."

Finally, Devaney says he doesn't cater to 16-year-olds.

"Actually I've stayed away from quite a bit of the teeny-bopper fare, but their money is green too," he said.

Q: Is it true that you don't have to stop for a school bus with flashing red lights going and its stop sign out if the highway is divided by concrete barriers or curbs?

A: "That's true," Payson Police Lt. Don Engler said. "If it's divided by a physical barrier and you are completely on the other side of that barrier in the opposing lane, you are not required to stop."

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