Be Wary Of People Going Through Trash



As the past owner of a Phoenix security firm, I would like to counsel against planting the seed of "dumpster diving" as an honest way to help in charity or recycling causes.

While this may have been the case in the past, in fact the City of Phoenix once ran a PSA extolling the virtues of removing cans from trash containers, today's divers are searching trash for personal information to use in identity theft.

Many people who are not aware of the real world, and some Paysonites fall into this category, think that going through community trash is the province of the less fortunate and the elderly.

The real situation is that anyone seen going through another's trash without permission --nd it should never be assumed that permission has been given -- should be reported to the police. You are probably with that one call preventing a neighbor from enduring years of toil trying to re-establish their credit and good credit name.

Robert Elliott, Payson

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