Is Senior Center Suffering From Bad Management?



I am very concerned about the developing situation at the Senior Center, where I attend an exercise class and visit with many of the employees and volunteers. Based on what I read and hear from the volunteers, something dramatic needs to be done.

When was the last general audit? Is anyone discussing the termination of these people making these decisions about how the place should be run? Obviously, it is not working.

I have lived in several small communities where the Senior Centers function very well and are the life blood of the community where the senior population is so large. There are very specific methods that make them run smoothly and not operate in the red.

I observe here in Payson that there is an alarming number of seniors who seem to think they have some entitlement to freebies, bad manners, lack of respect, nasty attitude, and the list goes on and on.

Those who think they shouldn't have to pay for the meals at our center, even though they have a fancy car in the parking lot, are serious offenders. The county tells us that payment is voluntary. Why isn't social services screening the folks who are unable to afford the meals and giving them some sort of identification stating such? This way the dishonest can be sorted out and charged a fair price for their meal.

There seems to be no control over what is donated to the Thrift Store and what is just dumped there because folks have no where else to go with their trash. Isn't this causing lots of unnecessary expense to the store when (an item) has to be disposed of properly?

Are those who are taking the extra government handouts really needy, or just showing up for another freebie when they could very well afford to buy their groceries?

It would be a terrible tragedy to see our senior programs just die from poor management decisions. Why not get a complete audit in progress and do a general overhaul of the system, aided by people who have real business minds and authentic caring our how our senior community can be provided for. I know that volunteers would return if the decision makers were replaced with people who respect the knowledge and experience of its volunteers.

Carol Marshall, Payson

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