Someone Should Pay For Wright's Murder



I recently sent you a letter via e-mail that was a plea to the Gila County Attorney, who at the time was considering dismissing the charges against Paul Roosen for the murder of my sister Calista Wright.

Unfortunately this has all fallen on deaf ears because I was informed today (Feb. 4) by the (county attorney's) office that the charges against Paul Roosen will be dropped sometime between today and the 12th of February.

For lack of better evidence, because the case was so severely botched by all the powers that be, Ms. Flores has chosen not to try the case again, and instead is setting Paul Roosen free and dismissing all charges against him. She believes that there is nothing more she can do to try this case.

I don't agree with her decision, and I do believe that there are many political reasons behind her decision, but at the end of the day, my hands are tied and Paul is going to be a free man.

I hope that somehow, somewhere, some lessons in life have been learned from this awful tragedy, otherwise my sister has died in vain.

The Roosen family can now be together again. They are very fortunate that they will be able to talk to each other, hold each other, and enjoy each other's company in the present tense.

Unfortunately, for the rest of us, we are forced to refer to Calista in the past, and can only hope that she hears us when we talk to her in our prayers.

Liza (Elizabeth) Brown Moore, Phoenix

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