A Glimpse Of Who Calista Wright Was



I was contacted Friday night by someone from the Gila County Public Defender's office in response to my first ever letter to an editor (you). His office is attempting to defend Paul Roosen for the murder of my sister-in-law Calista Wright.

I decided to write another letter to the editor (you) to tell the folks reading your paper what a kind and beautiful person our family lost.

Calista was the person who on her vacation came with my brother all the way to Texas in July, to help me pack up a house full of memories of more than 30 years to move my daughter and me closer to my mother, after losing my husband to cancer.

Calista was the person who surprised us with a computer shipped to our house, so we would be able to e-mail, after I fretted about not being able to, because of our older computer.

Calista was the person who after spending Thanksgiving with us and having a large family get-together at our house was concerned about the expense to me, left money in my dressing table drawer. (It is still there, and every time I see it I think of her. I can't bear to move it now.)

Calista was the person who, with my brother, because of their love of animals, had a dream of one day having a refuge for abandoned dogs at the very house where she was murdered. They had many dreams for the future; all now shattered. These are all perspectives from an in-law. I am sure there are many others of the same sort from Calista's own family. I know she contributed toward her mother's upkeep each month, and her Mom was the beneficiary of her life insurance, something she and my brother agreed on, totally. My brother lost everything, and had nothing to gain. There is no defense for someone who took this person from all of us.

And, to (the readers) who questioned Paul Roosen's guilt in this same newspaper -- if he succeeds in getting away with murder, are you going to give him a job and a place to live?

I am going to close now and go to church and pray for justice for Calista, if not in Arizona's court, then from the Supreme Court, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We all have to stand before Him one day.

Virginia Brown, Mart, Texas

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