Cable Company Makes Good On High-Speed Internet



As a vocal critic of the internet and cable service from Cablevision (including a letter printed on this page November 8, 2002), I would like to now give them credit for the upgrades in internet service they are now finishing.

Over the last few months they have been upgrading the service in our area (by the golf course and pioneer cemetery) to implement the 2-way cable Internet service. When this was done they called and asked if we would like to be one of the first in our area to receive it or be a "beta tester" (guinea pig). I agreed and Stevan was at my door in about 20 minutes and 15 minutes later we were on. We had a small problem with our modem a couple of days later and with a quick call to their office he was right back out and fixed it. We have been problem free since. The "always on" benefit and difference in the upload speed is great.

I also managed to get the local number to call and Cris has been wonderful every time I have called to see what was going on (our cable kept going out while they were upgrading and she also updated me on the progress being made). It is so much nicer to talk to someone in town.

I hope Cablevision, and especially their local employees, will accept our big thank you for the improved service we have received.

Vernon Randall, Payson

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